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Fasting and Feasting

A very quick check in and update on the diet. What a pain, the scales were broken in Boots when I went there so no weigh in this month, I'm not feeling massively slimmer but hopefully I've shed a pound or two! As I expected I didn't do quite so well when not at work with fast and feast days although I don't think I ever went over 2000 calories in a day so at least I shouldn't have put weight on. I have been back working again for 2 weeks and have done well and stuck to the diet. I had one day where I was really really hungry with stomach cramps but I think I over ate the day before. There is defiantly a connection with eating more one day and feeling hungrier than usual the next. I'm no expert but I think maybe it's because you're stomach stretches when you over eat and so then there is more space to fill!! So I have really tried to keep portions to a reasonable size even on feast days. I also hardly eat much after lunch now. I eat breakfast every

Equinox blessings :)

Very Bright Blessing to all for the Spring Equinox (or Ostara) today. A time where we have equal light and dark and move forwards to lighter days in the coming weeks. Over the darker winter months I have been busy painting and making crafty things but soon it will be time to go out and socialise again and have fun!! To happy days ahead, the spring & summer and love & laughter!! Looking forward to being in a field with friends old and new over the next few months :) Talking of being in a field, do you want a nice cheap grass roots festival this year? New for 2017 FEREL FEST set in a beautiful part of Wiltshire. Check out the awesome line up! Book your ticket now before it sells out!!! FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE You may remember I posted about a painting a friend had done of one of my photographs recently, it reminded me that she did one near the end of last year that I forgot to post about. I think at the time I was busy with stuff and kind of forgot all about it until

My Samsimillia website and my Ebay listings

Hello there readers :) Just a short blog post to remind you all of the various items I have for sale and where you can get them from. I have had a huge amount of interest in a photograph I took at the Winter Solstice on the Drove road at Stonehenge and you can buy it as a A4 print or as a greetings card in two different sizes on white or black card. There are two designs, the original and one with 'Home is Where we Part it' printed on the top. There are two different shades, one slightly darker than the other... I have tried to keep prices low but have got through a lot of ink in the printer so this is the lowest I can offer. With Ebay fees and PayPal fees I don't make much back in the end. You can help me with this by buying directly from me by emailing me at THIS ADDRESS or contacting me through MY WEBSITE or the FACEBOOK page for Samsimillia. You can also buy through MY WEBSITE where the prices are slightly lower than Ebay (cards & prints are a little mo

Paintings of Photographs

On the Winter Solstice we went to Stonehenge and parked at the drove, one afternoon we went for a walk over to some beech trees and mounds across a field from the stones. By the time we came back the sun was starting to go down and casting a lovely orange glow on everything and casting beautiful long shadows. People had their burners going in their vans and trucks and there was a hazy look to the drove road as we stepped out of the field back onto the path. I took this photograph below which I think was the best photo I took last year. The colours and light are just perfect and it conjurers up a feeling of what travelling life is about. I have had many many positive comments about this photograph and have recently been making some cards and prints to give to friends and sell at festivals. It means so much when people love your work and what more of an honour could I hope for than someone turning it into a painting. Drea Blackbird is an amazing artist and immortalized my photog

I'm hooked!

Just a quickie to let you see what I have been working on today. My first attempt at making some key hooks (or hooks for anything!) I have many more ideas in the pipeline but these are the first ones I've ever made :) The top one is made with a piece of driftwood I found on the beach in Spain and the bottom two are pieces of beech I found in Gloucestershire, UK. I also made some more Sea Glass pendants, I've run out of wire for now but I am pleased how they came out and how I am improving in the art :) And lastly just to fill this post with something else beautiful here's a picture I took recently in the Forest of Dean :) Thanks for looking :) xxx