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Men, talk to your mates

This isthe hardest blog post I've ever written and is definitely the hardest one to make public. I wrote most of this a week ago but have battled with a fear of sharing these personal things. BUT I am angry and need to be heard and I also want to help other women gain their voice and I feel like I can't do that unless I share what I have been through. I have empathy for others who have experienced domestic violence, controlling behaviour, gaslighting, coercion, sexual harassment, sexual abuse and violence at the hands of men. I want you to know I hear and believe you and I hope by reading this you will understand I am an ally and have experienced some trauma myself so have a level.of understanding to what you may be going through. I want to help bring a voice to the marginalised women, those women who are never believed, the women who come from the wrong neighborhood, the women who struggle with mental health issues, with drug addiction, the gay and trans women, the sex workers