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mighty diamonds

The Mighty Diamonds, Donald “Tabby” Shaw, Fitzroy ”Bunny” Simpson and Lloyd “ Judge” Ferguson formed in 1969 in the Trenchtown area of Kingston, Jamaica and for the past 32 years have been entertaining and educating the world with their sweet harmonies and conscious lyrics. They quickly became known as the young group with the Motown sound with their soulful harmonies and polished performances. They first hit singles “ Country Living” and “ Hey Girl” were recorded on the Channel One label. Their debut album “ Right Time”, released on the Virgin has become a classic. Tabby, Bunny and Judge have produced over 40 albums in their long career. “ Pass the Kouchie” also became an international hit when first released and then again when it was covered by the “ Musical Youth” and released as “Pass the Dutchie” We made the trip to the point in Cardiff last Sunday to see this amazing band. We met up with some members of UK reggae guide, got the drinks in and started socializi

trebanos pipeline protest camp video

November 2006 - Short video report from the protest camp at Trebanos, where the Liquified Natural Gas pipeline is being dug into the Welsh countryside.

back to brecon protest camp

on saturday we went back to the protest camp at brecon. there was a march and rally in trebanos in the afternoon and i had taken the van with me this time to move some tat for the protesters. i also took up with me a van full of pallets from work, a couple of blankets, some clothes and rope all gathered from gloucester freecyclers :-) we did a run to the local industrial estate to gather some boards that had been dumped. the full-time camp dwellers had been told to help themselves to them so we loaded them into the van and took them back to camp. on our second trip we saw an old lorry tarp that had weeds growing over it and looked dumped on the side of the road. we took that too and went back to camp. as we arrived back at camp the feds turned up who promptly arrested my friend for theft of said tarp and got me to drive the van to the cop shop with the evidence in the back. i had to drive sandwiched between two police vehicles in case i made an escape :-0 my friend was charged a

video from brecon protest camp

Resistance is growing to the 200mile gas pipeline that National Grid is building through Wales. Construction sites have been occupied, roads blockaded and a tree camp established on the route of the pipeline. With eviction at the camp looking imminent, campaigners appeal for people to join them in the fight against the pipe.

people needed URGENTLY at brecon!!!

Lots more people are URGENTLY needed at the protest camp near Brecon. Trees are now being felled in the area around the camp and eviction is expected within the next two weeks. They need people, it doesn't matter if you can't stay for long, they still want you! The ancient woodland is scheduled for decimation by National Grid to clear a path for the 48" high pressure gas pipeline. The protesters aim to stop the destruction of yet more ancient woodland by National Grid and it's contractors. People on site are requesting any donations. Please send supplies of all sorts, especially beams for building, tarp, rope, nails, D-locks, heavy chains, stuff for lock-ons (sand, cement, gravel.), harnesses and other climbing gear, scrap metal, cuddles etc etc etc. They can use almost any tat... The spring is springing, the flowers are starting to cover the woodland and it's the most beautiful time of year. As National Grid are scheduled to be trashing this land in April, th

call to arms....

there is now a fight the pipe myspace HERE As part of the ongoing campaign against the proposed 150 mile liquefied natural gas pipeline running through South Wales at a dangerously high pressure, there will be a march through the affected village of Trebanos, followed by a rally at Trebanos RFC clubhouse on Saturday 24th March 2007. We invite anyone who wishes to express their concern at the environmental impact and safety considerations of this development or who wishes to show solidarity with the people who's lives are being affected by it. Meet 2pm at the Lidl Carpark in Pontardawe to LEAVE FROM THE BOTTOM OF GLYNMEIRCH ROAD AT 2:30PM Please bring banners, music, colour, flags, fancy dress, friends, family and pets. For more info check out: FIGHT THE PIPE SAFE HAVEN & RISING TIDE There will be a minibus from Cardiff, talking people directly to the start of the march. Times from car park at the rear of Cardiff central train station: 10.00 am & 12.00 noon times


On Saturday after our visit to the Brecon protest camp we went back to Gloucester to pick up Jan and then drove to Narberth for a special invite only Powersteppers, Molara and Dubmerge gig. A long drive but well worth it! Dubmerge were up first with some lovely dubby tunes and special guest singer whose name escapes me but I do remember he spends most of his time in Goa if thats any help! Next up was Molara with Dubmerge and Colin Powerstepper. They did about 12 songs including My Flag, Heart of Stone, Magic and old Zion Train favourite Love Revolutionaries. Molara sounded as sweet as ever and it was lovely to hear her again. We had been warned there would be lots of stopping and starting as they were videoing the gig but as the band and Molara were so tight there wasn't much of that! Even when Molara & Colin's daughter joined them on stage they remained truly professional! The band left the stage and Colin and Molara did some Powersteppers sound system tunes which

fight the pipe!


visit to gas pipeline protest camp

Yesterday we went up to Brecon to the protest camp that has been set up there. Protesters are trying to prevent the destruction of beautiful ancient woodland to make way for the 120 mile gas pipeline that is running from Milford Haven in west Wales through Pembroke, Camarthen, the Swansea valleys, Brecon Beacons national park, Hay-on-Wye and Ross-on-Wye to Corse/Tirley near Gloucester. Inspired by the initial squatting of the pipeline in November, camps sprung up at Milford Haven, Trebanos and Cilfrew, with locals and activists regularly disrupting work. January saw a number of actions, including at a new location at Alltwen, Pontardawe - where people chained themselves to machinery in order to stop the work carrying on the other side of the valley from the Trebanos camp. The area around Trebanos is prone to land-slip, and it is so unstable that villagers are not allowed to have mains gas supplied! The newest camp is on the A40 appox 5 miles west of Brecon. It is easy to spot from

when the chips are down...

been too busy to blog this week! had a pretty lovely time last weekend marred slightly by a couple of bullying security guys and one so-called friend on friday night....... last friday afternoon i went to pick up my friend susanna, a beautiful italian lady who is spending some time in london right now. we decided to check out a reggae night happening in bristol as the spark and his friend were going. we'de never been to the venue before (clockwork in stokes croft), it was pretty cool inside, the sound was good and there was two large rooms to boogie on down! the drinks were rather expensive £2.25 for a small soft drink!!! when the spark and his friend arrived we went upstairs where 'dub from atlantis' were playing. they were pretty good as i'd heard they were and we shuffled round the dancefloor a bit! the spark got pulled up by a security guy for making a spliff and i went over as his mate was more worried about himself and getting his stash taken off him. another