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A little update on the fasting and feasting

Sorry not too much to tell on the weightloss front as haven't weighed myself since the last time I blogged! I am maintaining my weight though, I'm pretty sure I haven't gained (or lost) which is good enough for me at the moment as have had many meals out with family and friends, festivals where eating habits go out the window and not really getting any power walking done. I have recently discovered my smoothie maker that was in storage though and have been mainly having a smoothie for breakfast and one for tea pretty much every day while I'm at work. While at home I have tried to be good but there is always the tempting puddings and pastries in the supermarkets that I find so hard to resist! I have been walking the dogs when not at work so have had some gentle exercise but have been busy trying to make some craft items in my breaks at work. It keeps reinforcing what I know anyway though, to loose weight I need to eat right and exercise! I have always thought that