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Atlantic Coast

Atlantic coast beaches are our favourite beaches! The stunning coastline is beautiful and the sea can be savage at times.  These two pictures are taken from the south coast at Praia de Dona Ana in Lagos, perfect beaches for soaking up some sun, swimming and snorkeling.  These four pictures were taken on the west coast at Praia da Bordeira, a beach that many surfers enjoy, on the day these photos were taken there was a red flag flying but still many people were trying to go in for a swim, some even with children! Luckily the lifeguards were there to tell them to get out but you have to wonder why people take such a risk with the ocean.  This picture is of a surfer at Meia Praia, a beautiful long sandy beach which is usually fairly calm as it's on the south coast but sometimes does get surfable waves. Thanks for reading :)


We have had some incredible sunsets over the past week or so here on the Algarve. Not only have I caught some lovely actual sunset shots but also some others using the orange glowing sky as a great background. Thanks for looking :)

Not very good blogger!

I really hoped during lockdown I would write more on this blog. At the beginning I did manage a few posts as well as some more in depth writing for online magazines. As lockdown continued I didn't write as much and then the last couple of months of coming out of lockdown I've written hardly anything! What I've noticed is I have great ideas for articles but then write nothing so instead I'm going to just try and put a few words down more regularly. Nearly everyday I manage to do that on Instagram so why not here! It may in fact just be the same as I've written on Instagram but at least it will be something and something worthwhile I would hope! If you want to follow our travels on Instagram we are  HERE! Thanks for reading :)