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summer solstice @ avebury :D

this weekend we were in avebury to celebrate the summer solstice. we were parked a couple of miles from the village on the ridgeway along with lots of others :) the night was cloudy and rainy so there was no sun to see but it was a magikal time anyway :) our park-up on the ridgeway... in the van friday afternoon... simon at the sanctuary opposite the site... crop circle... simon and busta in the crop circle... me and marta on friday night before the trek into avebury... celebrations at the stones... simon keeps busta out of the rain!... fire poi... me and nick in the van saturday morning... friends round the van saturday morning... other vans on site... vans parking in the layby... simon with his sign :)... walking up the avenue to avebury... one of the avenue stones... avebury stones... pagan wedding... friends leaving... chilling in the van... time to go home :(...

'shipley bodge' update

The farm house on the prospective open cast coal site that was squatted this week has received its papers. It will be taken to court on 30th June at 10 am at Derby Combined Court Centre, Morledge, Derby, DE1 2XE by Harworth Estates Agricultural Land Ltd (part of the UK Coal Conglomerate). The people on site are putting a call out for people to come and stay on the site and help out. If you have ever fancied your hand at protecting beautiful land against the capitalist machine, nows your chance! There will be a protest/show of support is planed for the 30th June at at Derby combined courts.

'shipley bodge' protest site taken today - help needed :)

Today climate campaigners from ‘Leave it in the Ground’ have occupied the UK Coal’s Lodge House site in Derbyshire by barricading themselves in a disused farm building and taken to the trees on the site of the open cast mine. Under the cover of darkness activists have secured themselves in the Prospect Farm building, on the site which is about to be devastated by huge machines. Food and supplies have also been taken in for a long term occupation and barricades’ have been set up preventing police form bringing in specialist equipment down Bell Lane, Smalley Derbyshire into the heart of the site. Similarly, people are locked on by their necks behind the doors preventing force being used to gain entry. The protesters are claiming squatter’s rights. Later on today the police arrives and left, they are respecting the Section 6 notice for Squatters rights. Lodge house is owned by UK Coal, Britain’s largest coal company and they plan to extract 1 million tonnes of coal from the 122 hector s

a weekend in the brecon beacons :)

at the weekend we explored some of the brecon beacons, it was magical and beautiful and we had a lovely time :) here's some of my pictures... cool waterfall we found :)... muckin around :)... fleece!... talybont reservoir... horse and foal... simon at the reservoir... simon and busta :)... parked up at the old brecon protest site... stream at brecon... roots :) drivin up a mountain... talybont reservoir... sheep!... me and si :)... the view of the next mountain... restin near the top... finally made it!...

wychwood festival

weird middle-class festival on cheltenham racecourse... but dreadzone were cool :)...