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What's wrong with us all?

After my little rant on the UK riots last month I have decided to try & write something now & again with a little more thought & insight than my usual posts about where we have been with my photographs attached. I might not always get to post them up straight away due to not being near the internet but now we have a solar panel & lesuire battery in the van I can write them up on the laptop & post them up when we do get online. Lots of diseases have been eradicated over the last century & there are now vacinations against some others that once could have killed us. People are living longer & yet are we really a healthier society? Many people older than me are always saying that they do not remember so many people having cancer years ago. Is this because we didn't always identify it years ago or has it really increased? There certainly seems to be more children with asthma & alergies than when I was at school in the 1970's. Has there really been


Back on the Ridgeway, our favourite place to park up in case you hadn't noticed dear reader, I got a few more nice photos...  spider house  boletus toadstool  curvy beech trees  beech tree stump thanks for looking :) xoxox

drawing and painting

Thanks to the encouragement of an artist friend I have been doing lots more drawing & painting. I've always quite liked drawing but have been endlessly disapointed that the end result never really looked like it should have done. After a year on the road without the stresses of work & bills etc I have been far more creative in every way, taking photos, making jewellery, writing & drawing. I have taken up painting after not really doing any since I was a child. My friend gave us some watercolours & so I have been experimenting :) Here's a few of my paintings... thanks for looking :) xoxox


We went to park up on the Drove road near Stonehenge for a few days before heading back East accross the country. It is amazing the shear number of people that visit the stones every day. While we were there the so called 'King Arthur' turned up to knight Alex Reid (Jordan's ex husband for those like me who had never heard of him) no doubt some stupid publicity stunt.  view of the stones from our first parking spot  view of the stones once we moved  Alex Reid goes to get knighted with camera crew in tow  small heath butterfly  teasel  night time shots of the stones  car lights created some light grafitti thanks for looking :) xoxox

figures in the clouds

We went back to the Ridgeway at the Sanctuary near Avebury for a while. While we were there we saw an amazing sunset spoiled by the chem trails but then the chem trails turned into two figures! One looked like a woman the other like a small mystical person maybe a wizard? What do you see??... Also got some nice shots of Busta... and some of the plant life... We walked down to the Avenue & I got some nice shots of the stones... thanks for looking :) xoxox

horsedrawn summer holiday

On the August bank holiday weekend we went to the horsedrawn summer holiday, a small festival put on by horsedrawn travellers. The event had to move at the last minute as the landowner who had hired out a field to the travellers for their event got a better offer from some born again christian gypsies who also wanted to hold an event that weekend. Needless to say the greedy bastard took the better offer & the horsedrawn folk had to find another field a week before the gathering was due to go ahead. A field was found without permission of the land owner & so there was a visit from the police who allowed the event to go ahead with a warning that if the noise levels got too much they would be back to confiscate sound systems. Presuambly there was no complaits as nothing was shut down & I didn't see any police the whole weekend. For the very reasonable £10 admission price per person we stayed from the Friday until the Monday, we were also able to bring our dog. There was a