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Life On The Road - Positive Evolution Photographs

Here is a little slide show movie I made with all the photographs I have of travellers past and present. Hope you enjoy :)

My new video :)

Here's a video I made a little while ago, only just got round to uploading it to YouTube. The quality is not always great but it's just a bit of fun! Brilliant soundtrack from The Defekters :) Thanks for looking :) xxx

Creative Change

Sometimes I despair at Social media as I'm not sure we are using it to our best advantage. I think some people 'sharing' and 'liking' really informative political posts feel they are doing their bit to spread a message but don't do anything else. While sharing information is essential we must remember that nothing beats getting together and actually trying to make positive things happen. Social media can be a great tool for networking, joining together like minded people and raising awareness of issues locally, nationally and globally. Often though we may be preaching to the converted if our friends mainly have the same views as us! That's why I wanted to dedicate a post to a group set up in Stevenage called Creative Change. Creative Change is a creative initiative raising awareness on a range of issues important to sustaining communities and rebuilding our tribes.While they use Social media as a platform to spread the word they are also out on the str