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happy new year :)

happy new year everyone... of course its only the right date if you want to go by this adopted christian calender we all use today :) but whatever your beliefs health and happiness to you for the coming seasons :) ive been off work for the yule time break and the weather has been crap so we haven't been out and about much. instead i have been using my camera to try some claymation. so here is my very first claymation film :) its by no means perfect but was a good laugh and i will be back with some more soon...

dreadlock journey

for some dreadlocks are just another hairstyle for others it's a journey of growth on the inside as well as the out... this is my journey... :) 1992... i had long hair and kind of wanted dreads, i got my friends paula & buey to plait it up and it started dreading at the roots after a few weeks. i brushed it out though, i don't think i was ready for my dread journey then!... 1995... i still had long hair & was more certain of wanting dreads. i didn't really know how to do them and so my friend, paula back combed sections and sprayed with hairspray lol they started falling out within days, you cant even see any in this pic but its the only one i have of this time... 1997... i had cut my hair really short after the failed attempt at dreads in 1995 but had kept some long bits at the front. i finally met someone who knew how to do dreads and he dreaded up the long hair creating 3 dreads :)... 1998... i kept the 3 dreads and short hair for a while but soon decided i w

winter solstice 2009... well nearly

we went to avebury for winter solstice but i had work on the actual day so it wasn't actually the solstice but as near as we could get lol we parked up on the ridgeway at the sanctuary on saturday night and went to avebury on sunday... thanks for looking :) xoxox

busta with dreads

i love how this picture of busta came out... i got a trial version of photoshop to try so i gave busta a dread wig :)... doesn't he look great lol... thanks for looking :) xoxox


here's some pictures taken up near haresfield last weekend. this is one of my favourite places in the world and where my dogs ashes where scattered. i love it here... thanks for looking :) xoxox

usa 2006

i was looking through some old photos yesterday and came accross the pictures i took whilst away in the usa in 2005-2006. i thought i'd share some of my favourites... san jacinto mountains near palm springs, california... palm canyon near palm springs, california... joshua tree national park, california... red rock canyon near las vegas, nevada... the grand canyon, arizona... and a picture i found of the tulips in my garden in 2006, i'd forgotten how pretty they were :)... thanks for looking :) xoxox