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I have noticed that my past few blog posts contain quite a lot of negative points about stuff. It wasn't deliberate and obviously reflects on how I'm feeling about things. Getting too involved in stuff online is pointless but happens to the best of us sometimes and has certainly not helped my mood. Instead of focusing on the positive, I have been too focused on the negatives. So here begins a series of posts with only good things to say! Today I want to talk about books, well actually I'm not going to do too much talking. I'm taking my favourite 12 books from the last few years and just saying one sentence about each. If it sounds interesting I'm sure you can find reviews (and spoilers) written by professional book reviewers online! Ducking and diving in Bali's underground world of cocaine dealers. Physical and sexual abuse, underage prostitution and an early life spiralling out of control. A Mexican couple trying to find a better life but facing prejudice and h

Hashtag Vanlife part 3

A couple of years ago I wrote two pieces on what was to me back then a fairly new movement of people. Called Vanlife and calling themselves Vanlifers, this new group of people in their homes on wheels were all over the internet with their blogs and their channels and their shops. The first article titled Hashtag Vanlife, from September 2017 can be read in full HERE  and the second, from January 2018 can be found HERE Before I start this piece I’m going to repeat myself at bit from my other Vanlife post, sorry! I always feel the need to remind readers that what you read here are just my views and opinions mixed with some facts that I have discovered after taking to people or online research. I am more than happy to engage in discussion on the topic with anyone whether their views are different from mine or not. I am absolutely not going to engage with anyone who personally attacks me. And also let it be clear that I believe as human beings we are all equal and are all entitled to

Life on the Road during Covid-19 - Part 2

A month ago I wrote an article about how the Coronavirus crisis has affected myself and other people living in vans especially those abroad at the time and those whose van is their only home. Now a month later what new challenges have we faced and where do we go to from here? I am in Morocco, I arrived in February and spent the first month travelling around exploring the country. The lockdown started on 20 th March and was initially for a month. On 18 th April the authorities announced a further month of lockdown and so here we are into month two of our restricted lives. Out for a walk in Imsouane   Have I questioned over the last month whether I made the right decision t o stay in Morocco? Would I have been better to get back to Portugal where I am based? Or even back to the UK where I could be nearer family and even possibly go back to work as a care assistant? Of course I have asked myself those questions. Ultimately I still think I made the right decision for my

Levellers Inspired Tattoos

As some of you may know this blog is attached to my website, quite a large website full of things that interest me. The website is called Positive Evolution and I must admit over the last few years I hadn't done anything much with it. I still added festival reviews right up until the end of 2017 but traffic to it had slowed down considerably. I put it down to a number of things, Social Media sites and other 'big' name websites taking everyone away from browsing little home-made personal websites. Getting a website seen in the first few pages of a Google search and possible loosing half of my website from the original host. In 2005 I started my site and one of the pages that was always very popular was the ' Levellers Inspired Tattoos ' page. The page was lost on my original website host and so died a death in cyber space. Due to having more time on my hands due to the lockdown I have been adding all the 'lost' pages to the new host. I still have a few