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camper conversion video

simon made a cool video of our camper conversion :)

talybont reservoir

here are some shots from talybont reservoir and the surrounding area. the brecon beacons is a beautiful area :)...

stroud graffiti

i stopped in stroud a couple of times recently to take some pictures of the graffiti there. there is a wealth of talent there as well as a few toys (inexperienced or rubbish graffiti artists). stroud council have voted to keep some of the graffiti around the town. i love this idea but i also dont like the bristol council's reasoning that if its a genuin banksy it stays but everything else gets wiped out. i hope stroud doesn't end up like that with a few elitist artists allowed to paint. after watching some graffiti documentarys recently i realise it takes a few months/years of doing some pretty crap work to get to the skill of being a real artist. i love graffiti, it adds to the character of a place it gives the viewer a glimpse into the lives of some of the people living in that area, the people that usually dont have much of a voice. there is a huge amount of graffiti on the railway bridge going out of stroud, here is a selection... this character can be found around i

some random photos i took recently

havent had a chance to write anything again so here's a few snaps :)