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My new shop and stuff on Ebay :)

Hello readers :) You may remember a few weeks ago I posted about some new exciting products I had been making over the winter months. Well they are now all up online and for sale as well as some older things from the last couple of years. I have added a shop feature to my website, I am trialling it at the moment so I have the free version and can only have 10 products up at any one time. Please do check it out and send your friends the link. I will have my premium range of crafts here for now to see how it goes. CLICK HERE FOR THE SAMSIMILLIA SHOP I have also changed the site slightly so have a look round while you are there! All my other crafts, jewellery and cards are on Ebay. This month I had 100 free listings and so everything is there, my entire catalogue (except the items on my website shop). It's not all the time I get all these free listings and so a lot of these items may not be up on Ebay again for a while. Please take a look and share with your friends. CLICK

Gloucester Graffiti

Had a walk around Gloucester recently, some new things to take photos of so must go back with my camera soon. Meanwhile here is some new graffiti that has appeared over the winter including a piece by my favourite Gloucester Graffiti artist Trix. Thanks for looking :) xxx

Our Travels in Europe in a Ford Transit Videos

In the 3 posts below is a film we made about our year travelling Europe in 2010-11. For some reason when I shared them to this blog from YouTube every time I try and write some text on the same post the video disappears! Anyway hopefully they will give inspiration to others who want to explore! Thanks for looking :) xxx

Our travels in Europe in a Ford Transit PART 1


Our travels in Europe in a Ford Transit PART 2


Our travels in Europe in a Ford Transit PART 3


New products from Samsimilla

Here is a sneak preview of just a few of the new products released for 2016-17. Made over the winter 2015-16 in Portugal and Spain. Full list to be on the updated Samsimillia site soon and for sale on Ebay or via the website or Facebook page. Thanks for looking :) xxx

Beltane Horsedrawn Gathering 2016

Had a wonderful weekend at the Beltane Horsedrawn Gathering, my review (if you can call it that!) is up on my website HERE , below are a few different pictures that didn't make it on the website. One Eyed God Tarantism My Samsimillia stall Freaks lol Thanks for looking :) xxx