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my opinion on the uk riots

I'm sure there is people out there fed up to the back teeth of everyone having an opinion of the riots happening in the UK right now. But thats tough shit as we're all entitled to our opinions & in this digital age free to broadcast them over the net to anyone that will listen. Firstly I want to make a few things absolutely clear. I understand it is frightening for people in their homes witnessing rioting outside on the streets and I understand it is devastating to see your home, car or business go up in flames... But... People are angry & frustrated, not only at the shooting of Mark Duggan or the treatment of the crowd that gathered outside the Tottenham police station after his death but with society in general. I'm not going to pretend that I think everyone on the streets has a political motive at heart but even those just following the crowd & enjoying the thrill of rioting & looting are mostly doing it because of the shitty state of this country. I
This amazing seed head was on its own in a field, it is not from a Dandelion as it was far too big. I got some good shots of it that I played around with in the photo editing programme... I like how you can see the other flowers in the background out of focus... I wanted some pictures of my dreads, now over 5 years old. My friend took some & I messed about with them in the photo editing programme... Thanks for looking xoxox

new tattoos :)

Simon has been doing some more tattooing since we've been back, mostly on me lol except this Reindeer on our friends wrist... My new Kokapelli tattoo :)... Turtle tattoo to symbolize our travels... Banksy tattoo to go with my other one on my graffiti leg... I love how Kokopelli comes out of my boot!... Thanks for looking xoxox

back in the UK

So we find ourselves back in cold wet Blighty to MOT the van & see family & friends. Actually the weather hasn't been too bad but it is too stressed out here. Everyone is in a rush, everyone is stressed & we can't park up anywhere without getting hassle from either the police or nosy locals! Anyway hopefully we wont be here for that long & we will be back on mainland Europe soon either back to Portugal & Spain or off to Eastern Europe, we're not sure yet. It all depends on how much money we spend on the van & while we are here in the UK! As usual I have been taking lots of photographs, here are some of the best... Tree roots growing around an old wall, Forest of Dean. Pine cones & leaves, Forest of Dean. Hoverfly at a thistle flower, Forest of Dean. Old canal, South Cerney. Bee, South Cerney. Visitors at the crop circle, Ridgeway path, Avebury. Young hare, Ridgeway path, Avebury. Straw bales, Ridgeway path, Avebury. Horse, Ridgeway path,