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Positive Evolution

Some of you may reach this blog via Positive Evolution my website and labour of love for the past 10 years but for those of you that find this blog via a different route I encourage you to check out my website. Packed full of stuff about travellers, music, festivals, ancient sites, spirituality, sustainability, creativity and much more I'm sure you'll find something interesting on your visit. To celebrate 10 years of the website I have given it a face lift and added lots of new pages so check it out! POSITIVE EVOLUTION WEBSITE

R6j6ct Tattoo

I have posted before about my partner, Simon's website R6j6ct Tattoo but I just thought I'd remind you with this photo of my knee which he tattooed a couple of weeks ago and the calf of a friend. Two great tattoos in the style he loves. Check him out! CLICKY Thanks for looking :) xxx

Healthy living!

So how has the weight loss been going I hear you ask! Not that great actually, well thats not totally true. I am still loosing weight, very slowly the last few weeks. I lost just 3 pounds in 6 weeks which wasn't that great even though I did my best times yet with the power walking and can now do 4 miles in an hour which was my aim in the beginning. I do some warm up exercises before and some stretching after but that is it now I will not be increasing my time doing walking or exercising. An hours exercise a day is enough for me. But I had been eating a few more biscuits, cakes and chocolate bars so I guess I was mainly just walking them off rather than loosing weight! I have tried to rein that in again and have done pretty well this last week so hopefully I will have shed a few more pounds next time I weigh myself :) When I look back and can see I lost a stone in 6 months I feel great but I still have a stone to go and feel like it is slowing down although maybe that is to be expec

More pictures of the inside of our van

Although the van conversion is complete (apart from a shelf or two) and I have already posted some pictures of the exterior and interior on this blog I thought I'd post a few more! We had a good tidy up and it was a nice day so I tried to get some better pictures. Thanks for looking :) xxx

Fun on the farm

We looked after relatives small holding for a week recently. I had to milk the cow morning and evening as well as feed all the animals, make sure they had water and collect eggs. Quite a task for someone who is a step away from being completely vegan! It was hard not to kidnap the calf at the end of our stay as she is destined for the dinner table eventually. Despite my view that we do not need to eat meat any more and however an animal is raised I have no wish to kill it to eat it at least the animals here are very well looked after unlike some. Thanks for looking :) xxx