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The cost of festivals that are 'just like the free ones'

While writing my latest review on Surplus Fest I started having a bit of a rant about the price of going to these 'grass roots' festivals, you know the ones I mean, the ones where people say it's the closest thing to the old school free festivals of the 80s and 90s. Yes there are those sorts of bands, those sorts of alternative people, dogs and trucks and travellers and more importantly there is that sort of vibe. But there is quite a lot of money being charged not only for your own ticket but for your truck and your dog so I'm not sure how that's 'like' a free festival! I thought it unfair on Surplus festival to add this rant to the review of their festival so decided to do a blog post about it. Before you start on at me for being negative and moaning about the price and telling me I got loads for my £165 at Surplus please remember this is only my own point of view. Personally I like really small festivals, I like a non stewarded event, I like not be

Surplus Fest

It seems like a lifetime ago now but a few weeks ago we were lucky enough to go to Wales for this years Surplus Fest. The review and some photos is now live on my website :) CLICKY HERE   Thanks for looking :) xxx

Avebury Summer Solstice

I decided not to do a review on my website for this years Solstice as firstly I didn't actually get about much up and down the Ridgeway as it was so blooming hot and secondly because I didn't really take any pictures down at the stones! Needless to say it was a lovely few days spent up at the Ridgeway with friends despite the blistering heat. The Ridgeway was kept clean and tidy and I don't think National Trust or the Police had any issues with the vehicle dwellers and campers there, at least not the group of them I spoke to anyway. Due to the glorious weather we actually got to see the sun rise which was lovely but hampered by the shear amount of litter all around the stones. Whilst this was picked up on Solstice morning by a band of volunteers armed with bin bags I still get so annoyed at anyone making the mess in the first place. Ok maybe there should be more bins provided but if not just take it with you, keep it on you. You must have carried it there in the first pla