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Advice for Van Dwellers on the Algarve

I have been visiting Portugal for 10 years in campervans. I have mostly had positive experiences regarding my choice to live in a van and travel. Portugal is a laid back country which had a revolution in 1974 to kick out facism and has a written Constitution that gives everyone equality and freedom to live as they choose, (as long as they are not breaking laws obviously). I have spent long periods of time in an area around Oliveria do Hospital which is at the foothills of the Serra de Estrella mountains in the north of the county. I lived there for 18 months in my van exploring the surroundings. I have toured the entire coastline of the country in my van, from my first visit in 2010 until the present day. In the lasts 3 years I have spent a lot of time in the south west corner of the Algarve. There is a little triangle that takes in the towns of Lagos on the south coast, Aljezur on the west coast and Sagres, the south west tip of the country. This triangle attracts surfers, hippy's