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Here are a few random pictures from the last couple of weeks :)

 I love this picture of me & Agua at Los Lances beach near Tarifa :)
 The old community well in the Alora hills where we are staying.
Our Land Art :)

Alora Hills

After leaving the Tarifa area after 3 months staying there we headed to the hills around Alora, a town inland from the horribleness of the Costa Del Sol. Alora is a nice little town set on some steep hills & all around there are hills with houses & farms dotted around. Spring was well under way by the time we arrived even though it had been the driest winter in 40 odd years.

 Orange Tree

Cows on the Beach!

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw cows relaxing on the beach. They didn't have beach towels or sun cream but they might have been hiding a windsurf for later! I also took a walk into the old town of Tarifa, a lovely old town & well worth a visit if only for the beautiful chocolate/cake shop near the main entrance which makes the street smell delicious!

 Cows on the Beach
Tarifa Old Town

Most Southern Tip of Europe

Tarifa is the most Southern place in Europe & is also the place where the Atlantic meets the Mediteranean. We went down to the point where they meet.

 Most Southern Tip of Europe
 Barbed Wire
 Footprints in the sand
 Shadows on the sand

Agua again!

Agua is growing up fast & luckily seems to be fairly well behaved. She seems quite intelligent & has learnt a few more commands. She loves running along the beach & getting into mischief!

 Sandy Face :)
 Agua & Busta

Los Lances

For some of the time we parked on another beach closer to Tarifa called Los Lances. It is a lovely stretch but it does get very windy. It made a change of scene though. There are loads of campervans that park on the stretch of beach, known locally as the landing strip. There is a lot of bird life nearby where the river meets the sea.

 Los Lances Beach

Back at the Pig Field

We got back to the Pig Field near Tarifa about mid January. We were going to be staying here a couple of months while Agua had her vaccinations & microchip done. Again we took lots of long walks on the beach taking in the sights & sounds & taking lots of photos!

 Dead Fish is dinner for the Ants!
 This was once a Mouse!
Our Shadows

Los Alcazares

We then arrived at my Mums house in Los Alcazares where we stayed for a week. While there we visited Calblanque National Park where we saw a nest of Processionary Caterpillars. These caterpillars can cause a nasty irritation to skin & can be very harmful to dogs.

Processionary Caterpillars
Los Alcazares Graffiti