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Hashtag vanlife part 2

First post using my phone so bear with me if there are some glitches!

A little while ago I wrote a post about this new 'vanlife' trend that is hitting the streets, beaches, forests and car parks near you. Fuelled by blogs and youtube channels some of these vanlifers are making some money using advertising and product placement. You can see the original post at

After I wrote the post I started to question myself, whether I had been a little hard on the 'vanlifers' and a bit negative. Now I have been back on the road properly fulltime and travelling I feel I have a little more to say about it all.

Lets start with the positive, (cos yea soz there is some more negative stuff).

In the last few weeks in Portugal I have met a whole spectrum of people from all walks of life, all ages, from different countries and with different campervans. From dirty hippies who want to get stoned and party to retired rich folk w…