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Zion Train - Live As One album & tour.....

I had already heard great feedback from the dates Zion Train had already done on this tour and loads of great feedback about the new album so we were proper excited as we drove to Bristol last Friday night. We met up with the Zion Train crew and chilled out backstage with some food watching them get worked up for the gig. The album is the all new Zion Train without musical input from Dave Tench or Colin Cod or vocals from Molara. The album includes vocals from Dubdadda who is also the vocalist on the tour and others including Earl 16, Tippa Irie and Raiz. The gig went down a storm with the Trinity centre very quickly becoming very hot and sweaty! Zion Train played all the new songs and they were all well received by the crowd. They did end with a classic though, War ina Babylon. During the gig I spent a small amount of time manning the merchandise stall but most of the time was spent dancing! Afterwards we all went backstage and chilled with the boys until we were all ready to go. It w

Zion Train, Dreadzone & Sugarhill

I've just had a proper great weekend!!! Went to see Zion Train on Friday night in Bristol who were awesome, they played loads of stuff off their new album which was great, the new album is wicked by the way. Spent some time backstage with them all which was cool. After getting up on Saturday we headed to Swindon to Sugarhill festival. This was an amazing little festival (only 1500 people) but with a top line-up including Dreadzone, RDF, Dub the Earth, Mad Professor, The Beat and Neville Staple. Also a decent little tent blasting out all sorts from quality reggae to drum n bass. A group of us from the Dreadzone forum all camped in one big Dread village which was great fun and I met some really great people there as the atmosphere was so chilled and everyone was dead friendly. Top weekend!!!! Pictures to follow once edited!!!.............. xxxxxxxxxx

Great weekend...

Had a cracking weekend just gone. Two friends from Manchester and two from Worthing all turned up on Friday and we ended up down the Rene where a good time was had by all. Bumped into a couple of people who I didn't know until that night but we have lots of mutual friends in common which is cool! On Saturday I went to work at the NEC and then after my friend Dave visited from London, ended up going up the Rene again where I bumped into loads of old friends from way back! Had a bloody ace night, ended up in some random persons house till 9am! On Friday we are off to see Zion Train in Bristol and then on Saturday we are off to Sugarhill festival in Swindon for the rest of the weekend, can't wait!!! xxx