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Diets, Healthy Eating, Will Power, Exersise and a Podcast to listen to!

As followers of this blog will know I have been following a healthy eating programme and trying to exercise every day. I haven't been too restrictive of my diet as firstly I love my food and I don't want to give up loads of nice things and secondly I totally believe that diets don't work. By diets I mean all those fad diets like the Cambridge diet and the cabbage diet and only having 1000 calories a day and any restriction of your diet that just makes you feel hungry a lot of the time and miserable and craving a piece of cake or a biscuit or some cheese! By not working I mean obviously while you stick to them you loose weight but once you have lost the weight and go back to your normal eating habits you put all the weight back on again and quite often a bit more too. The majority of people who do these diets do not then take up a proper healthy eating lifestyle along with some daily exercise and so are in a life long cycle of feeling too big, dieting, loosing weight, eati

Diets, Exersise and Physio

I am now back into the swing of my healthy eating plan and exercising nearly every day. As mentioned in previous posts I am trying not to be too strict on the diet thing as I love my food and feel there is no point going on a full on diet for it only to last a few weeks or months. Most people who go on strict diets fail and end up putting more weight back on. So the main things I have done is cut out sugar and milk in tea, switched to a piece of fruit for breakfast, cut down on cheese and bread and reduced my intake of biscuits, cakes and chocolate. What I think is really important as well though is taking some exercise most days. I have never been one for exercise, I did some aerobics for a while years ago but I have taken up power walking and it seems to be working. I am averaging about 16.30 minutes to a mile at the moment and walking for 45 minutes although I aim to do an hour but as I have recently been out of action for a couple of months I am building up again. By the end of nex

Let in the light!

We finally have a window in our van!! Yes after 4 years in a Transit with no windows in the back and this last year in our Sprinter with no windows we finally could afford to get a window put in!! Its amazing, like having a flat screen TV with just one channel!! Not only does it let in some much needed light it is awesome being able to look out and watch the word go by even on cold or rainy days :)  The view out of the window first one of a series, I'll try and remember to post up interesting views from our window from time to time :) Thanks for looking :) xxx