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Parking in Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vicentina Natural Park

Recently I was parked in my motorhome at Fortaleza de Sagres in the carpark within a designated bay. At approximately midday three GNR agents told everyone in motorhomes in the carpark that they were not allowed to 'camp' there, they were only allowed to 'park'. They told me and others that we were not allowed windows open. At approximately 15:00 four different GNR agents came to the car park and insisted that windows needed to be shut and doors closed. The temperature at the time was over 30°. They took photographs of my van and took a photograph of my partners passport. They did not give a reason for this when asked why. They were unfriendly and unhelpful as well as intimidating for some visitors to the carpark. My friend has a dog and needs windows open when he is parked for ventilation. A young woman from the UK was there and had only been in Portugal for two days and was intimidated enough to close herself in her van in the extreme heat. A Dutch couple with a child

Where did the time go?

I had all good intentions to write lots in my blog during lockdown and I started quite well! At the beginning I was inspired to write more, take more photographs, read more books and to learn the mandola. As the lockdown went on I had a period of feeling very lethargic and did hardly anything except play stupid games on my phone. I guess this sort of thing happened to lots of people but it's a weird one! Anyway to cut a long story short we stayed in Imsouane, the village in Morocco we had been locked down in until early July when we got offered a place in a ferry leaving on 7 July to Algeciras in Spain. Although we had originally planned to stay in Morocco until we could use our return ticket we realised that that may never happen and so we took the offered ferry at £200 for us both and the van. The journey up to the ferry was lovely with some great stops at a couple of normally very touristy places. Seeing Essaouira and Chefchouen without the hoards of tourists was great and we ev