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rdf, canals n vans :)

we went to see RDF on saturday nite in hitchin which was really good. the band were ace and i bumped into andy an old friend :) the next day we went to look at a van which was perfect so put down a deposit and we collect it in 2 weeks... yay :) afterwards we went for a walk down part of the grand union canal......

magical avebury

we went van hunting and ended up in avebury :) at sunset we went to west kennet long barrow which was awesome. took some really cool pics too :)

motorbike heaven

we had to work one evening at the NEC so in the day we went over the road to the motorbike museum.... it was kinda cool :)

eek hangmans hill

we went to hangmans hill in epping forest where it looks like you are going uphill but if you put your car in neutral it rolls up the hill... weird :s apparently its the hanged man puling you up eek! anyway its kinda cool and if you look it up on youtube you'll see lots of clips of people there :) my camera battery ran out so i didnt get any :( here's a few of the forest where we had a walk.