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booze and the beach...

Have you ever got really really pissed, made a complete fool of yourself and forgotten half of the day? Yes? Well you know pretty much what I went through at the weekend then. Now I now some people make this sort of behaviour a regular thing but I don't, in fact I have never in my life been in such a state! In my defence I have had a pretty stressful time over the last couple of months and it's always good to have a blow out so to speak! Anyway I put it all down to the black sambuka and shall never speak of it again! On Monday we went to the beach, it was lovely, so chilled out which was much needed after the manicness of the last few weeks of partying whilst being on holiday from work. We spent the afternoon chatting whilst the kids swam in the sea and built sandcastles and then we watched the sun set over the water. Click on the pictures to enlarge.

Birthdays and exams...

On Monday it was Lee's 16th birthday, wow what a milestone for both of us! We had a lovely breakfast and dinner together and in between he went out with his friends. Yesterday he got his GCSE results, they were: A* - Music A - Maths A - English Lit B - English Lang B - Biology B - Physics B - R.E. C - Chemistry C - Drama C - I.T. Today I got my psychology result and I got an A too! We are all geniuses!!!

YAYNESS!! Beautiful Dayz again!

OK so a couple of hours after my last entry here on Saturday I got a phone call to say the lovely Greg 'Dreadzone' Roberts had said I could meet them there and come in with them to Beautiful Days! So after a very boring journey down the M5 on Saturday afternoon much of it going very slowly I arrived at a very muddy festival site in Devon. I have always loved this festival and it felt great to be back and as soon as I was out of the van and walking towards the main arena I bumped into some old friends. Eventually I got backstage after going the long way round as I had no idea where I was going and the layout had slightly changed since my last visit. I headed straight for the backstage bar where I bumped into one sixth of Dreadzone, new guitarist Chris and his girlfriend Katie. After a quick chat with them I bumped into Steve Swann from RDF and Dub the Earth who was also enjoying the chilled vibe at the bar. After a few minutes catching up I went off to find the rest of the band

Beautiful Dayz

Well I guess you're there already if you went unless you're in a band that are playing later or tomorrow. Anyway earlier in the week I thought I might have a ticket but turns out I haven't :-( Have a great time if you're there or going later, my thoughts are there on that stage especially when Dreadzone play tonight. Anyway today I'm pissed off, bitter and twisted cos I'm not at Beautiful Days, please ignore me I'm just a jealous scorpio! Have a great Saturday........ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Lazy rainy dayz...

So I'm off work on a much needed break. My website is playing up so I can't do my Endorse-it write-up, it's pouring with rain so I can't paint the outside of my house. I need to go into town to get Lee's birthday card but the rain is putting me off that one too! Think I'll go and catch up with some old friends soon. Never seem to get the time to see everyone I want to usually! xoxox

Endorse-it festival

What can I say about this great festival? Well it's my favourite festival ever and I've been to a few! Always a cracking line-up due to the fact that the organisers which are the band PRONGHORN seem to like much the same music as I do! The weekend was hot and sunny, the people there were beautiful and friendly and the music was fantastic. We had a lovely job working at welfare and when we weren't working we had an even better time catching up with old friends, making new ones and generally enjoying the vibe. If you've never been get your tickets early for next years ENDORSE-IT FESTIVAL . Full write up and more pictures on my WEBSITE . Who's that freak? Powersteppers. Ed Tudor Pole and Pronghorn. Molara. Dreadzone. Zion Train.

Dorset here we come!

Off to the Endorse-it festival tomorrow, the weather is not looking great but to be honest I'll just be glad to get away for a few days. If the weather is that bad I'll venture out to work and to see my few favourite bands and spend the rest of the time chilling out in the van! I'm really looking forward to it and when I get back I have another week off work WOOHOO!!!!! No doubt I'll post again when I'm back. xxxxxxxx

Flood pictures - part 3

Despite the devastation the flooding brought I am pleased to say that at least I got a few good shots worthy of any newspaper or magazine article! Click on them to enlarge.

Flood pictures - part 2

All the pictures below show the flooding by Westgate bridge in Gloucester. I went down there a couple of days after "Rainy Friday" as the firefighters and army were battling to save the electricity station down there from the flood water.