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Hello, I'm back!

Hello there everyone, I am back from my travels and nearly ready to take up this blog a little more regularly once again. I have some wonderful photos and stories from our travels including a run down of the mileage we did and the cost of the ferries, fuel and tolls to help others planning a trip and looking at the financial side as well as weighing up which ferry to take to where and how much driving they might need to do. In the future there will be a post all about the immigrants trying daily to cross the short stretch of water between Morocco and Tarifa in Spain, these people risk their lives to try and find a better life. Tarifa cemetery has masses of unmarked graves of Africans who have drowned trying to cross the water. This has been a problem for many many years and not a result of the more recent troubles in North African countries. I will be posting about my thyroid problems, diets, weight loss and healthy eating as well as a post on new things I hope to learn this year, I w