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In or Out?

So in a few weeks we all (well most of us) get to vote on whether to leave or stay in the EU. Now I don't vote in elections, I believe we can govern ourselves, I believe in the principles of an anarchist society, I believe with lots of love, understanding and education most of us would do pretty well, get on with our lives and live them to the full without messing up other peoples lives as well as being happy to help the wider community. Of course that's not going to happen overnight and even if there was some massive anarchist uprising it just wouldn't work straight away, too many people in today's society are selfish and mean. Society will have to change at a slower pace and although there may come a time where a big uprising puts the final nail in the coffin to this selfish, undemocratic, capitalist world we live in I doubt I'll see it in my lifetime. So my view is this, all politicians are selfish idiots, some may start with good intentions to help