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hehehe i love mark thomas!

cathedral visit

archways. yesterday me and the spark went to gloucester cathedral for a mooch around. i haven't looked around properly in there since lee was small although we do go there once a year for his schools founders day service. random 'arty' shot! parts of the building are 1000 years old and steeped in some very interesting history. the building started life as a benedictine monastery which would have b een left to ruin if edward II hadn't been buried here. great east window. the great east window is as big as a tennis court and was made in about 1350. it would have been grander than anything ever seen in england at the time. robert, duke of normandy. also buried here is robert, duke of normandy who was the eldest son of william the conqueror. he died in 1134 at cardiff castle, a prisoner of his brother king henry I. down the well! more pictures from the cathedral on my website right HERE!

love grocer

now i was so excited by lee getting his new drumkit on saturday that i forgot to write about friday! ok the truth is that it's not just lee and his kit thats on my mind! although certain friends seem to think i write EVERYTHING that happens in my life on this blog i actually don't. like i want the whole tinternet knowing my personal buisness so i'll leave it to your imagination readers as to why my head is in the clouds right now........ anyway on friday we had to go to bristol to another drum shop to get some bits and to pick up nigel, lee's dad. dave from love grocer had told me they were playing at my wolf's noodle bar in bristol that night and although they were on too late for us to see the gig we went down there to say hello and catch up with them. it was nice to see dave again and meet the rest of love grocer properly, chris, richard and chas. we had some noodles and a couple of drinks and listened to the sound check and then we went home. so sorry i miss


me and lee went to northampton to THE DRUM CENTRE (great place) to pick up his new mapex drumkit and sabian cymbals on saturday. he has been saving up for a year to get this kit and is well chuffed! he also bought a double bass pedal. the whole kit is now the most valuable thing in our house at £1000!!! here he is having his first go on it.......... after the trip to northampton it took lee the rest of the day to set up the kit and i just chilled out and spoke to friends on the phone. in the evening i went to see a good friend who was visiting from brighton to do a couple of people's dreadlocks. it was a great evening, very girlie and very lovely! today i have continued with my spring clean. my living room is now sparkling! and i'm still smiling :-)

random pictures

just a couple of random pictures i took whilst bored at work on friday!

interesting site

might make you think for a minute...... HOW RICH ARE YOU?


been smiling all day today...... life's sweet :-) xxXxx

and a rock too........


when trees get sexed up hehehe


from freezing fog to warm sunshine and back for a rainy NYE!

in t he week before i left the UK it was bloody freezing! flights were being cancelled all over the place due to the fog and i kept my fingers crossed all would be well for our flight from bristol to murcia on xmas eve. luckily the fog hadn't affected bristol airport and it was clearing all over the UK by the time we left anyway but i still breathed a sigh of relief when we were actually in the air and heading south for some sun. me freezing my **** off in the warehouse! my last week at work had been OK although it had been horribly cold in the warehouse where i spend most of my day. i had been wearing loads of layers of clothes and was still damn cold! to add to that the freezing conditions had meant condensation was dripping off the inside of the roof once things started to thaw a little. a mad dash to B&Q to buy some plastic sheeting insured all the stock would be safe! me much warmer in the spainish sunshine! we touched down on spainish soil at the now familiar

happy new year!

YAY! i'm back hehehe.... hope everyone had a magical yuletime and a very jolly new year! more soon come........ sam xoxox