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733 miles round cornwall :)

we've just come back from a week in cornwall in the van, we visited lots of ancient sites as well as some trips to the coast when the weather let up lol. i've added all the sites we visited to the ancient places section of my website HERE there's loads more pictures of cornwall on my myspace HERE but here's a small selection :)... here we are somewhere on bodmin :) this is roche rock a weird little chapel built on a rock busta got really smelly and foamy when he went into the foamy sea near lizard :) we found lots of old mine pump houses on our travels and some quiet little coves the weather just about let us get into our shorts and paddle in the sea lol this is us at boscawen-un stone circle, a really magical little circle with a hedge all round it si eating chips in penzance :) this is at the top of carn galver, we ended up doing a 5+ mile hike through thorns, brambles and bracken to get to the nine maidens stone circle, ding don

caterpillar attack :)

these cabbage white caterpillars have gone crazy :)


the garden hasn't done that well this year... too cold and wet and not enough sun. there are far too many insects eating our crops... they think it's some sort of free cafe lol anyway here's a few pics...