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life instructions

fuck worrying about terrorists... i'll go for the listening to bob... :)

excuse me i've got something to say... if everyone could pretty much follow the above instructions that would be great... thanks :)

boar cull

I was saddened to read a few weeks ago about a planned cull of the boar living in the Forest of Dean. See the news report HERE. The Boar were re-introduced to the forest but now they are apparently causing a problem. Typical really, humans kill off the original population of boars, years later they realise the error of their ways and re-introduce them. Now funnily enough they arn't behaving exactly as the humans want them too so humans will yet again interfere. There is a great blog HERE with up to date news on the boar cull and some stunning pictures of the wildlife in the Forest of Dean.

fire people

i have always loved watching the flames of a fire, seeing the imaginary people, animals and things that pop up in the flames and swiftly disapear. it's the same as watching clouds for shapes that are something we know. i saw lots of things in this series of photos...

did you see anyone or anything in the fire?

its a dogs life

Ah look at the lovely doggy nose :) I got a new mobile phone the other day so was just trying out the camera on busta! As you can see he wasn't too bothered and soon fell asleep! I played around with both of these in PhotoFiltre changing the colours. I like how they have turned out.

bristling badger: support fossil industry prisoner pat o'donnell

crap hospitals

about 2 weeks ago my 94 year old gramp who lives in a nursing home fell over. he was as you would expect taken to hospital to be checked over. after an x-ray he was told it was just badly bruised and to go home and rest. after a few days in agony the hospital realised they had made a mistake and he had broken his hip. he was duely taken back in and given a partial hip replacement operation. the next day whilst in hospital he fell out of a chair and the day after fell out of bed. he has also got some sort of infection and so is stuck in a room on his own.

now forgive me if im wrong but not spotting a broken hip?? yeh the docs have said it was hard to see on the x-ray blah blah blah but it was there, you could see it. and then leaving an old confused patient who has just had an operation in a position where he could fall again?? wtf.

and this my friends is the royal surrey hospital, i thought surrey was the wealthiest county in the uk. obviously thats just the rich twats that live round t…

ive added labels.. woooo :)

i have spent the last week going back through my blog and adding labels to any relevant posts so now when you view my blog you can look through the list of labels and read other posts on the same subject.

it also made me realise that i really need to write a bit more and on more varied topics as this was never meant to be a photo blog but thats really what it has turned into.

i also got some inspiration from this blog and lots of other blogs i have been looking at lately.

so prepared to be amazed with the literacy to come from this blog lol

new pipeline website

please take a look at this website documenting the 200 mile LNG pipeline that is now laid under the feet of many in wales...

Stop the PRI near Gloucester!

The FIGHT THE PIPE myspace is now the official website of the campaign as got deleted/lost. Please check out the new look and leave a comment if you support the cause :)

The FACEBOOK group has been updated, this group that has been silent for far too long. Please join and get your friends to join if you support the cause and please get involved :)

What is really needed is interested individuals and groups to come together and discuss how to get involved in stopping this project and give support to others trying to do the same.

The aim of the protest was first started to raise awareness for the campaign to halt the progress of a monster 200 mile gas pipeline across Wales. The pipeline is now laid and the protest is now more focused on stopping gas pressure reduction installation (PRI) being built near Gloucester. If we can stop this installation being built the pipeline will have to run at a lower pressure thus making it safer.

Here is the PRI Factsheet from National…

brighton tattoo convention

i was excited to be going off to my first tattoo convention last saturday. the van was packed and we were to take a slow drive to brighton stopping off to see friends at titnore woods protest camp and in brighton. we were going to find somewhere nice on the downs, get the burner going and have a chilled evening before heading to the convention on the sunday. i had the monday booked off work so we were going to stay another night around brighton and head home then.

unfortunately on the M4 at newbury the wheel bearings went on the van and we had to be put on the back of a truck and brought back home :( luckily i have an astra i use for work so we made it to the convention but with no camper van it was impossible to sleep out (unless we wanted to freeze) so we did it in a day and still managed to see my friend in brighton :)

the convention was great, there were so many great tattoos on show i would have loved to have stopped everyone to inspect their ink! the competitions throughout the da…