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How to sign the petition against the new parking laws for campervans in Portugal

A few people have asked me if there is a petition against the new law that is being brought in on the 8th January preventing campervans, motorhomes and similar parking anywhere overnight that is not a designated campervan area, i.e. a campsite or aire. There is now a petition which can be found HERE Obviously it is in Portuguese so you may need to use a browser such as Google Chrome which translates the page automatically. You will need to register on the parliament website to sign the petition. All this involves is signing up with an email address, setting up a password and using your I.D. card or passport number to confirm your identity. Once registered you will get a confirmation email and then you can go back on the petition and sign it. It all looks a bit complicated at first but it's fairly simple and well worth signing. Please do make the effort to put your name down and showing there are many people against this ridiculous new law. Thanks for reading :)

Vanlife in Portugal after 8th January 2021

From the 8th of January 2021 changes to the Highway Code in Portugal come into effect. The approved changes to the Highway Code clarify the places where motorhomes can stay overnight, parked. It will no longer be allowed to spend the night in car parks, laybys, on the street or on wasteland. The only authorized places where motorhomes will now be able park overnight are the areas designated for that purpose. So unless you are parked on a campsite, aire or other area deemed as an area to park motorhomes you will be breaking the law if you park overnight and sleep in your vehicle anywhere else! Parking will mean the parking of the vehicle with more space than its perimeter for example having a window open outwards or steps sticking out. A motorhome or similar will mean a vehicle that presents a living space or that is adapted for the use of a living space, or classified as motorhome, or caravan. Overnight stay will mean the permanence of a motorhome or similar at the parking place, wit