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titnore woods protest camp

The protest camp against the 875-homes development at Titnore Woods, Durrington, Worthing, is now approaching its third birthday and the campaigners are still in good spirits. Visitors are always welcome and help is always needed. At the moment beams of wood for building more tree houses would be particularly useful, plus someone with a van or truck to help bring material to the site. Tinned food provision are always gratefully received.

TESCO'S application to go ahead with its massive Tesco Extra store next to the protest camp is currently up before the council. Write in against the new megastore, quoting application number WB/09/0146/ARM and send to the Development Control Manager, Worthing Borough Council, Portland House, Richmond Road, Worthing by 14th May 2009. Opponents are also being urged to write to the Worthing Herald at setting out their feelings about the proposal. The issue will also be discussed at the next meeting of Worthing Alliance, to …

reflections inna lake




9 hours of tattooing...

looks a bit like this :) ive had 3 3 hour sessions so far and another 3 hours next week :) its gonna be so cool when it's finished :D

gloucester graffiti

there is a real lack of quality graffiti in gloucester but i did find a mickey mouse with a bomb graffiti done stencil style on the brockworth bypass the other day :)

also came accross this stencil near port ham in gloucester. it was on the side of the cow's drinking trough!

also found some stickering had been going on in the same area.

not all of it was very nice though :(

not even quite sure what this means... any ideas?

slideshows :)

as you can see from previous posts i have discovered photobucket slideshows! seems a better way of uploading pictures when there is a set of photographs. so i have uploaded my light grafitti pictures, bob marley birthday celebration pictures and avebury pictures. here are some random pictures...

narrowboats on the canal in gloucester...

looking through the railings...

part of the swinging bridge...

message in a bottle?...

a swan takes flight...

these pictures are all from the churchyard at somerford keynes, a beautiful cotswold village where i was lucky enough to grow up...

an amazing sunset at edge quarry...

bob marley birthday celebration


spring equinox at avebury