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love more consume less

so its that time of the year again wen society tries to make us feel like we have to buy loads of stuff to prove to ppl we love dem. the deal is this... whilst around the world there are nearly 30,000 children dying every single day from poverty, hunger, easily preventable diseases and illnesses, and other related causes we in the uk n the rest of the western world spend obscene amounts of money and consume obscene amounts of food n drink. fuk em innit fuk the starvin n the homeless as long as we're all ok here. nearly everything that ppl buy 4 xmas is prolly made in a sweat shop in china or somewhere. so as well as not carin about the poor n the hungry we r also helpin to keep ppl being exploited.... happy dayz :) in case u r wonderin no i dont do xmas but i have done in the past due to the pressure from society n family more than mi own personal opinion. thank fuk im now strong enough not 2 b a sheep... baaa :)

learn 2 fukin drive lol

y is there so much road rage? i'll tell u y cos half the ppl on the road cant fukin drive properly n the rest of us spend our time havin 2 avoid these idiots. heres a tip on how to spot these ppl... go 2 a busy petrol station n watch who has to fill up at a pump that is on the same side as their tank. these ppl who cant even position their car so as they can fill up at any pump are the ones. also watch ppl on duel carriageways these ppl r the ones that if they r goin to turn right at the nxt roundabout or junction have to move in2 the outside lane 5 miles before they actually get to the turning. so the other day some woman tries to run me off the road as shes movin in from the outside lane... hasn't even seen me n even wen i beeped her she seemed oblivious to anything. som ppl think they're the only ones on the road. its frustratin.. its scary n its annoyin... give these ppl push bikes please :)

its all about me wen i was ikkle :)

dug out som old photos of me the other day... jus thought id share em wit u :) 1971 1977 1987

pavement art

si reminded me of brilliant pavement artist julian beever the other day go n check him out hes amazin. heres a few of his drawings... i would luv 2 b dis talented :)

gloucester art

dunno if u remember this post HERE but i love good graffiti especially banksy style stenciling. its great seeing stuff like this around gloucester it really brightens the place up n reminds me that there is ppl in this town wit some imagination n bollox to get out there n do stuff like dis :) so here is mi latest find ive only seen this one but there are a few around apparently! respect to the artist :)

floods... the aftermath

so the house is finally being sorted after the flooding :) it has been a weird time since the 20th july. at first although we were kind of livin upstairs we could still use the downstairs but on 22 oct the downstairs was gutted completely n since then we have been totally upstairs all the time. im used to livin in one room now n infact i like it. i dont need much n everything i do need is in one room. i guess i'll b alright wen i get a truck n wont miss the space of a house lol the disruption has been immense tho not havin a sink or washin machin or any surfaces to prepare food on in the kitchen has been a nitemare. the strangest thing tho is that we have lost our communal space in the house n so lee is in his bedroom n im in mine n we jus pass on the stairs sometimes! that has been very strange and altho obviously he is growin up now n so wont b spendin much time wit me it has been forced n its odd :( dunno if anyone can understand wot i mean lol anyway below is som pics of the h