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R6j6ct Tattoo

Please check out my partners site R6j6ct Tattoo to see his amazing tattoo work. Below is a selection, details of how to book him are on the website. You can also 'LIKE' his Facebook page if you click HERE Thanks for looking :) xxx

Dreadzone at The Fleece Bristol

On 22nd November 2014 we were lucky enough to go and see good friends Dreadzone play at The Fleece in Bristol. It had been four years since we last saw them having been away travelling. Their performance didn't disappoint, a great mix of new, old and middle aged songs. Front man MC Spee on form as usual wooing all the ladies with his charming self, Reggae singer Earl 16 complementing him with his beautiful soulful voice. Mr Dreadzone himself Greg Roberts keeping the beat on the drums with long time member Leo Williams doing his thing on the bass. Guitarist Chris Compton bring that rocky feel and new member Bazil mixing it all up on the laptop. Also of course was the wonderful Loki Dread working hard behind the scenes. It was really lovely to see them all after so long and although I found the venue a little hot and stuffy as well as rammed full, (it was sold out) it was a great night. If you haven't got it yet go and buy their latest album Escapades as well as their extensive b

Car park psychology

When I go to a car park I generally reverse into a space, why? Because there is no chance of a car driving past your behind as you reverse into it and much less chance of pedestrians being in the space. More importantly though when you leave the space you are looking forward with a clear view of any cars that are driving past and any pedestrians walking past. Of course it is easier to drive forwards into a space when you arrive and worry about getting out later. As I looked around the supermarket car park today I noticed most cars had driven in forwards and noticed a few people gingerly backing out of their spaces including one near miss when a car drove past one reversing. So it started me thinking, the majority of people are taking the easy option at the start and although know it will be more difficult later they don't care. Is this a bit of a reflection of the attitude of people in the UK generally? Eating quick and easy food knowing it is bad for you, using polluting easy

Van build 2014

In May we bought a 2002 Mercedes Sprinter 311cdi. It was an empty van and we have spent the last few months converting into a live-in vehicle while actually living in it! It was defiantly harder than our last van conversion as we had a house to live in then and a warehouse and yard to spread out in. But we got through it and by August all the hard work was done. We still have some little bits to do as we go but nothing to major. Freecycle has been a handy way to source some items for the build and in all we have spent just under £400 on the build itself. The van cost £3500 which is quite a lot but Sprinters seem to hold their value and we saw a good number of terrible rust buckets with doors hanging off or that wouldn't open for the same sort of price as the one we ended up buying. It is fairly tidy although has a little rust that needs attention before it gets too bad. We also spent a further £300 over two visits to the garage for a full service and new brakes as well as some odd