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Hashtag Vanlife

Is it just me or is there suddenly loads of good looking, squeaky clean, sporty, white young heterosexual couples blogging about life in a van? No it's not just me, after research it seems that this new trend is real and happening and coming to a social media platform near you soon, no not soon, now! I always feel the need to remind you readers that what you read here are just my views and opinions mixed with some facts that I have discovered after research. Most of my articles start as a post on Facebook or a shorter rant on my blog and if they get a reaction I try and expand on what I originally wrote as well as taking on board other people's comments. And also lets get some things straight. I believe as human beings we are all equal and are all entitled to live our lives as we sit fit as long as it doesn't impact on other people. I believe in being real, being honest, trying to make the world a better place for us all to live in. I believe in freedom to pu

Still trying to fast and feast (but not feast!)

It's been a while since a proper post on my progress with the fast and feast diet. As I've mentioned countless times before it goes OK when I'm away working but not so well when I'm home. Our lifestyle just doesn't allow me to do it! (OK that's a lie, it's just much harder!) Back in July was the last time I weighed myself and since then I have quite a few meals out with family and friends as well as some pudding treats that I could have done without and not as much exercising as I should be doing... July's weight    = 69.3kg  ...  BMI = 27.1  ...  FAT - 37.1% Today's weight = 67.6kg  ...  BMI = 26.1  ...  FAT - 38.5% But YAY! I have lost a little bit although gained body fat, how does that work? But not too much and I measured myself and have lost 2.5cm off my waist and hips since May. So it's slow but steady and I know that I put the effort in with the exercising I could do a lot better! I have been out cycling 3 times in the last coupl

It's Not the End of the World!

There are some photographs and a short review on my website now from It's Not the End of the World Festival put on by the Horsedrawn crew . See it HERE! Thanks for looking :) xxx