Equinox blessings :)

Very Bright Blessing to all for the Spring Equinox (or Ostara) today. A time where we have equal light and dark and move forwards to lighter days in the coming weeks. Over the darker winter months I have been busy painting and making crafty things but soon it will be time to go out and socialise again and have fun!! To happy days ahead, the spring & summer and love & laughter!! Looking forward to being in a field with friends old and new over the next few months :)

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You may remember I posted about a painting a friend had done of one of my photographs recently, it reminded me that she did one near the end of last year that I forgot to post about. I think at the time I was busy with stuff and kind of forgot all about it until the more recent one she did. Anyway better late than never as they say so here is my original photograph followed by Drea Blackbird's painting.

Thanks for looking :) xxx