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dreadzone in shrewsbury

on saturday me n si went to shrewsbury for the last nite of the dreadzone tour. after nearly an hour drivn round the back streets of the town we did eventually find our hotel. after a cuppa n smoke we headed off to meet the rest of the dread forum posse in a pub down the road. from there we went to the buttermarket a nice little venue i have been to a couple of times before. the line-up was cosmo, the anomalies, sicknote n dreadzone. we missed the lovely cosmo who i did speak to at the bar he did a few gigs for the fight the pipe campaign back in the summer. i didn't really hear the anomalies as we were outside havin a smoke n chat with people but we made sure we were back inside for sicknote. most definatly the best punky/alternative band around at the moment. i had caught them for the first time at workhouse festival in june n was lookin forward to seein them again. they didnt disapoint n took us on a bizaar journey of musical fusion :) of course the headline act was the mighty d

its all about me :)

so i spent a couple of days taking loads of pictures of myself and mucking around with them a bit......