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Home is where we park it a new chapter for 2015

So this blog started many years ago called 'The mutterings and ramblings of dready Sam' back then I was still house dwelling, bringing up my son, working full time and going to loads of gigs and festival. Soon after I started the POSITIVE EVOLUTION website which is still going strong and which will be having a fresh new look for this year as well as some more things added to it. I particularly want to add more about new travellers today here in the UK and on the continent. The positive evolution site has all the history of the traveller movement but nothing about what is going on now. There are a few sites that show live-in vehicles and some facebook groups dedicated to travellers but I would like to document some of the culture as it is now on my website. I also want to put some traveller related videos up on my YouTube page as there are hardly any videos showing travellers today. I might even do some stuff on Soundcloud too. After a couple of years living on the road I chang

Sugar, diets, exersise and weightloss

So it pains me to tell you this dear readers but I have become rather overweight! Not that I have ever been stick thin or anything fuck that. I am not swayed by magazine and TV images of so called 'perfect' women as I do not read magazines or watch TV and know that it is all bullshit anyway. I have always had a bit of meat on my bones but within the healthy range for my height and felt comfortable. But after 4 years away in countries that don't sell aisle upon aisle of biscuits, crisps and cake this last 10 months back in the UK has seen me indulge myself somewhat. I also stopped smoking a year ago which has had an effect on weight gain I'm sure, having never really weighed myself in the last few years I can only guess that I've put on about 2 stone (28lbs/12.7kg). So after a few months of feeling fat and knowing I was too overweight I decided that the 1st of January was D for diet day and at 44 years old I have gone on a diet for the first time in my life! Well i

Fun in the snow

One morning a couple of weeks ago we woke up to an inch or so of snow outside the van. We have been parking up on quite high ground so it was expected. It thawed pretty quickly in fact even by the time I took these photos it was disapearing. For Agua it was very exciting as firstly she had never seen snow before, it was strange for her to see and feel this cold white stuf everywhere. Secondly she loves chasing balls, so much fun was had throwing snowballs for her, she was quite confused by the ball disintergrating every time she tried to hold it in her mouth. After a while she learnt to hold it very gently but then I think the cold got a bit much as she didn't hold it for long! Afterwards we spent the rest of the day cosy in the van with the burner going :) Thanks for looking :) xxx