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Samsimillia Creativity

I make and sell arts and crafts, I have a website showing my things as well as a facebook page and ebay shop. Please do take a look sometime! SAMSIMILLIA CREATIVITY WEBSITE SAMSIMILLIA CREATIVITY FACEBOOK PAGE SAMSIMILLIA CREATIVITY ON EBAY Thanks for looking :) xxx

Dieting and Exercising

I am finally back on track with the healthy eating and exercising. I haven't weighed myself yet as I know I put back on a few pounds while I was off with my broken arm. I am now away working again and it is a lot easier sticking to my plan while away than in the van with my biscuit loving partner! Next weigh in is due 3 June so I at least hope to be back to what I was before the bad hip and broken arm! Thanks for looking :) xxx

Please help these dogs

Cantinho da Lili is a dog rescue and rehoming centre based in Gouveia, central Portugal. We are totally supported by donations, volunteers and goodwill. While in Portugal I helped out there and now I am back in the UK I still help with all the online work that needs to be done. The dogs and puppies in there desperately need new loving homes and I am appealing to anyone reading this who is thinking of getting a dog or puppy and is in the central Portugal area to consider one of ours. You can see some of the dogs and puppies at our centre on our Website or Facebook page. Alternatively if you would like to help us in other ways you can make a donation, become a patron of a dog or volunteer your time. Details of all this is on our website. CANTINHO DA LILI WEBSITE CANTINHO DA LILI FACEBOOK PAGE Thanks for looking :) xxx

R6j6ct Tattoo

Don't forget to check out my partners website R6J6CT TATTOO and ' LIKE ' his FACEBOOK PAGE . He recently did some tattooing from our van at the Horsedrawn Beltane bash.  Thanks for looking :) xxx


We stayed at some beautiful woodland in Wiltshire recently. There are thousands of photos of bluebells on the internet at the moment but I thought I'd still add mine. Thanks for looking :) xxx

The Defekters and Dub the Earth in Hungerford

Last weekend we went to see two of our favourite bands and good friends, Dub the Earth and The Defekters play at The Railway Tavern in Hungerford. In between the bands the lovely DJ Dapper Dan span some tunes. For me Dub the Earth will never be the same after loosing the gorgeous Steve Swann 4 years ago to cancer. He was a force that could never be replaced and I feel Dub the Earth have struggled to find themselves again after the tragedy. I saw them two weekends in a row, first at the Horsedrawn bash and then at Hungerford and I think they are now really starting to bring a new Dub the Earth sound to us. The general vibe is a little more rockier and they have added a MC, Sam who rapped over some of the tracks. Lead vocalist and keyboard player Emma whilst can still sing beautifully softly is angrier and punkier on the new tracks. I'm really looking forward to seeing them over the summer and seeing how this change continues. The Defekters are a force to be reckoned with and I would

Horsedrawn Beltane Bash

A couple of weeks ago we made our annual trip to the Horsedrawn Beltane bash. I cannot recommend this festival highly enough and along with the Horsedrawn summer holiday gathering in August they are my favourite festivals. For someone used to free festivals this is about as close as you will get to that vibe in the UK. For £20 you get a weekend of fun including camping, bands, bars, food, kids activities and beautiful horses and wagons. This year saw Tarantism, RDF and Dub the Earth amongst others playing over the weekend. I didn't get any photos of the bands but here are a few from the festival. Thanks for looking :) xxx