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more bulgaria

some other photos from bulgaria... barn roof in lyubenets... ruined house in lyubenets... stork's nest in lyubenets... part of the ruined farm buldings in lyubenets... house in lyubenets... cows being herded by a young shepherd boy... massive canon on the side of road in the mountains on the shipka pass... house in lyubenets... sunset in lyubenets... thanks for looking :) xoxox

ancient bulgaria

bulgaria has a rich history. there are numerous ancient places to visit. last year bulgarian archaeologist veselin ignatov found a fully preserved thracian chariot at karanovo about 15 miles from where we stayed. there is a really interesting website HERE about ancient sites in bulgaria. skull at ancient settlement mound in karanovo... old cobbled road near gurkovo... bells at tsarevets, the old town at veliko tarnovo... tsarevets, the old town at veliko tarnovo... old bell tower i guess in plovdiv... plovdiv old town... roman amphitheatre in plovdiv... thanks for looking :) xoxox

urban bulgaria

although very much countryside lovers we spent some of our time in bulgaria exploring the towns... a statue protecting the town of radnevo... small statue of two children at the entrance to the playground in a park in plovdiv... graffiti in plovdiv... house in stara zagora... flats with a grapevine growing across all the window ledges in stara zagora... giant chess set in a park in stara zagora... the town of veliko tarnovo... reflection in office window in sliven... thanks for looking :) xoxox

bulgarian people

some of the lovely people we met on our travels in bulgaria... man with horse & cart... roma family... girls from stara zagora... old lady buying a pancake at radnevo market... traders at radnevo market... shepherd in lyubenets... woman cutting up a freshly slaughtered pig in lyubenets... woman cooking some of the freshly slaughtered pig in lyubenets... thanks for looking :) xoxox

bulgarian nature

the nature in bulgaria is amazing, there are more species of animal in bulgaria than anywhere else in europe. there are also amazing landscapes, giant mountains and huge lakes. here are some pictures that capture the beauty of bulgaria. sunset in lyubenets, where we stayed... silk strings blowing in the breeze... herons in flight... birds on the wire... panoramic photo of zhrebchevo lake... heron... ruined farm buildings... hollow tree... thanks for looking :) xoxox

my stuff :)

i have built a new website for my photography. it is not quite finished yet but i thought i'd post it up here now :) samsimillia photography and here is some links to my other stuff... my positive evolution website my deviant art page my flickr page my cafe press shop my myspace page my photobucket page my youtube page


recently we went on a visit to bulgaria. it was my first time visiting this amazing country filled with rich history. the counrtyside is beautiful and the people friendly and welcoming. most people living in the villages grow a lot of there own fruit, vegetables and herbs and some also keep livestock. the seaside resort we visited on the last day was horrible, that is only due to the large scale building of hotels and apartments and resturants that look like they could be in cornwall! i hope they don't let the whole bulgarian coastline turn into the costa-del-black sea :( we did quite a bit of travelling while we were there trying to explore as much as possible. there are some more pitures to follow but first here's some gore :)... dead cat we found with it's neck ripped open... another dead cat we found in the church grounds... the weirdest find of all, a severed donkey head! the rest of the donkey was nearby... the skull of a large animal, possibly another donkey...