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I'm broken!

Sorry to anyone following my weightloss programme as it seems to have ground to a halt. First as my previous post on the subject mentioned I hurt my hip and was unable to do any power walking. This eventually got better although slowly and even now it is not back to normal. Just as I was about to resume exercising I only went and broke my arm! A few weeks ago I slipped over on some mud whilst out walking the dogs one morning, put my hand out to stop myself and 'crack' I broke the Radius right near the wrist. It didn't totally break in half there is a fracture about halfway along the width of it. So I was put in plaster and am feeling very frustrated at not being able to do much. It is amazing what we use both hands for every day! I am unable to resume the power walking due to the throbbing in my arm after a few minutes walking and the diet has gone a bit downhill due to the medicinal qualities of biscuits and red wine! The plaster cast will be off shortly and normality (exe