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hay-on-wye literature festival

At the weekend we went to Hay-on-Wye literature festival to raise awareness of the campaign. The pipeline is in full view on the festival site and many people were interested in what we had to say. A lot of people didn't even know what it was for, some thought it was a water pipe and a few even thought it was for electricity! We spent most of Saturday talking to the public and giving out leaflets until the rain poured down on us. After a chill out in Andy's van we headed off into Hay for some food and then went onto a free gig with a great skiffle band as part of the fringe festival. Below is our display!

pipeline to disaster

On the way to Hay-on-Wye at the weekend we could see how far National Grid have got with the pipeline... We could also see how it is snaking through the countryside and how you can see it for miles... We got up close and personal with a few pipes...

eviction is coming

Today National Grid visited the Brecon protest site to give 'notice to leave'. The notice didn't look like a legal document and National Grid were told to take us to court. Whilst eviction isn't happening right now this is the first stage and people are needed to get down to the camp in the next week or so to prepare for eviction. Please get down there if you can! Today a few of our group were in court. This is the report from the local paper: Five protesters who halted work on a gas pipeline that will span Wales have pleaded guilty to aggravated trespass. Calli Shepard, 21, Christopher Brain, 35, Claire Hall, 25, all of Bristol and Ruth Owen, 19, and Louis Sutton, 20, of Sheffield, appeared in court in Neath. District judge Richard Williams handed the five conditional discharges after hearing of their arrest at a building site in Trebanos, Swansea Valley. Work on the pipe was stopped for about five hours by the protest in January. All five were ordered to pa

donate to the fight the pipe campaign

Donations to the FIGHT THE PIPE campaign can now be made via PayPal HERE from my website!!! We desperately need money to get more leaflets printed. Please help if you can. Many thanks xoxox

fight the pipe benefit gig announced

Come and join the fun!!!


went to stroud today to put up posters for the benefit gig we're putting on. saw this banksy style graffiti that i thought was damn cool.....

back to the Brecon camp

Not much to report this weekend from the camp. We had a little bit of sunshine, there were some friendly visitors and we kept in the warm in front of the burner during the rain!

workhouse festival

We will be be running a stall at the Workhouse festival in Llanfyllin on June 29th & 30th & July 1st. A few of us will be there to talk about the pipeline from the environmental and climate change issues to safety issues as well as the sort of direct actions we have taken. We will have leaflets to give out and will be collecting donations to go towards printing more leaflets and doing more direct actions. Hopefully they will also be showing some film footage that has been taken of the actions against the pipeline so far. Please come and visit us there! Workhouse festival is a lovely festival in beautiful surroundings with brilliant bands playing and less commercial emphasis than mainstream festivals. Tickets are £40 for adults £15 for teenagers and under 12s are free, more info on their website HERE and their myspace HERE .

Brecon protest site

Despite a week of rain spirits on camp have not been dampened. As always the weekend brings visitors which is always nice. There has been a new communal bender erected with a wood burner inside as temperatures have dropped again and cooking outside has been impossible at times. More treehouses have also been built. We did a run into Brecon town to collect supplies which was fun and then everyone had toasted sandwiches when we got back. The fire brigade had visited in the week and told us about THIS ! Something for National Grid to add to their not-so-good safety record HERE . New treehouse built on scaffolding. Hammock. New communal bender with wood burner inside. The beautiful surroundings.... soon to be destroyed.

peppermint iguana....

have actually got their website together at long last! check it out HERE for lots of lovely music and festival related stuff as well as a bit of anarchy and subversiveness thrown in for good measure!

This Land is Our Land! Petition

This Land is Our Land! Petition

Dreadzone @ Blowout festival, Cardiff

OK so the Blowout festival was loads of different bands over 3 venues in Cardiff bay last Sunday. Brilliant line-up from 2pm till 2am. Big thanks has to go to Greg ( Dreadzone ) for putting me on the guestlist along with a few others who are regulars on the Dreadzone forum . I wish I could write about all the amazing bands I saw over the day and the great venues but my friends I'm afraid I can't as I didn't arrive in Cardiff till 6pm. I had picked up the Spark from the valleys and we met up with some friends of mine who were already comfortable in a pub on the bay. After a few drinks we headed to a Chinese restaurant for a slap up meal which as Ian so rightly pointed out turned more and more into the Kill Bill movie as the night wore on and the drinks flowed! We eventually dragged ourselves out of the Chinese and made our way to the Coal exchange with a little detour from Phil (Mr. I know Cardiff and I know where I'm going.... yeh right!!) There was a band playing who

saying goodbye....

"Most people come into our lives and quickly leave. It is the special few that come in and leave a footprint in our hearts. and we are forever changed." bloody downright selfish to up sticks and start a new life in new zealand with your family before i'm ready to leave this area i say! but that is just what my best friend kate has done. i've know her since we started secondary school back in 1982 and we have always kept in touch where ever we have been in the world. for the last few years since she has had her children she has lived about an hour away so i have been lucky enough to see her often and watch the kids start to grow. now i can only see them on a webcam! anyway enough of my self pitying! i am very excited for them, i wish them all the best and hope they are really happy out there and that their children have a wonderful life. i'm looking forward to visiting as soon as possible! weston-super-mare scooter rally 1987 "True friends are never

Iration Steppas vs Jah Tubbys

We went back to the great space that is Trinity centre in Bristol on Friday night for a sound system clash between two heavyweight dub champions. You can always guarantee a night of top tunes with either of these sound systems and on Friday they did not disappoint us. We danced the night away, moving around on the dance floor to get closer to whichever sound system was banging out the tunes at the time. We went back to the car at 2am for a cup of tea from the flask I brought! (You might mock this but I'll tell you what it sorts you out for the last could of hours if you're not on drugs!) At 4am we were still dancing our socks off as the lights went on...... happy days! Jah Tubby's Iration Steppas

Gloucester LNG pipeline action group

On Thursday we had a meeting in Gloucester to start an action group in the city. We discussed raising awareness more, raising money to print more leaflets and putting on a benefit gig. Then we got really pissed and had a right old laugh. Who said being an eco-warrior wasn't fun? We will be putting on a benefit gig and having an info stall in the city centre one saturday soon. we will also be at other local events. Contact me via the WEBSITE or MYSPACE if you want any info on that.

Beltane horsedrawn gathering

Sunday 30 April saw the start of the 2 day horsedrawn gathering near Faringdon in Oxfordshire. We popped in for a few hours that afternoon whilst everyone was getting ready for the first evenings entertainment. Although there were no bands on till the evening we had a lovely wander around taking in the sights and sounds of the horsedrawn camp. We settled down on the grass for a while just chilling out and I got a make-over for 40p thanks to a bunch of young girls! Unfortunatly due to work and school commitments we couldn't stay for the festivities to start but I'm sure it was wonderful. Here's a few pictures of the camp....

ok i'm a crap blogger.....

how do people find the time for this blogging buisness every day? anyway folks i have loads of news, the beltane horsedrawn gathering last sunday, the gloucester action group i've set up against the LNG pipeline, the brilliant iration steppas vs jah tubbys gig we went to on friday night as well as saying goodbye to a very dear friend and her family as she jetted off to her new life in new zealand yesterday. unfortunatly i am now off to cardiff for the blowout festival so can't write about any of it! will try and catch up a bit tomorrow. love n light xoxox

life at camp

This weekend brought visitors, fun and donations. We thank anyone who makes the effort to come and visit camp whether it is for a short stay or a long one. People are always welcome. The kitchen got a clean-up thanks to Steve from Bath who came down on the bus and a metal tower was built. People were there from all parts of the UK this weekend, from Devon through Wales to Manchester and onto Scotland! We made plans for stalls at some of this summers festivals as well as ideas on raising awareness even more. Sweat lodge on site. Hard at work! Cleaning the kitchen. Treehouse and platform. Making dinner on the fire. Remember to visit FIGHT THE PIPE and MY SPACE for more info!

2000 trees festival

We are happy to announce that we will be running a stall at the 2000 trees festival in Cheltenham on July 13th & 14th to promote awareness of the LNG pipeline. A few of us will be there to talk about the pipeline from the environmental and climate change issues to safety issues as well as the sort of direct actions we have taken. We will have leaflets to give out and will be collecting donations to go towards printing more leaflets and doing more direct actions. Please come and visit us there! 2000 trees festival is a new festival for 2007 with ‘green’ ethics behind it and less commercial emphasis than mainstream festivals. Tickets are £32.67 and under 15s are free, more info on their website HERE and their myspace HERE .

Pipeline story gets to Radio 4!

Yesterday radio 4 ran a story about the pipeline on the You and Yours programme. Listen to it HERE