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Not very good at exercising and dieting!

Well blog readers I have not done so well this last couple of weeks. I have not weighed myself yet but I know if I have lost anything it is negligible! The last time I was at work I did really well with the exercise and moderately well with eating. I then went home for 2 weeks where I walked for half an hour every day except 2 days but not so good with the eating then as my partner is mad about biscuits and I always find them hard to resist when we are watching a movie in the evenings! I have now been back at work for 11 days and haven’t done much exercise, I did a couple of hill walks and an aerobics session but 3 out of 11 days is not so good. Some of it was circumstances, I just had to do other things in my break times, some was just lack of motivation. Some other days I did walk a little but not really enough to count as an exercise session! It has seemed so cold and yet two years ago when I was power walking most days I started in the January so it must have been c

Moving to a bigger home

Last week an amazing thing happened, we moved into our new home on wheels! We bought a 7.5 ton lorry back in April and have spent until now converting it into a home. It has been very hard work, very stressful and very expensive! After building two previous homes in vans we were pretty sure what we wanted out of our new home. We wanted something fairly new so as it would have good fuel consumption and wouldn’t be a rust bucket! Although we have the disadvantage of it having a massive computerised system which could prove to be a nightmare the bottom line is that all vehicles are going that way and so unless you want to have an old motor you just have to suck it up! We know next to nothing about mechanics anyway so if something goes wrong it is going to the garage. Parts are also quite expensive but as this is going to be our forever home maybe they won’t be so bad in 10 years time! It’s just a personal choice really of weighing up an older vehicle with likely higher mileage and possib