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Weight in!

Just a quick update on the whole healthy lifestyle journey I am taking. I have been reading more about the Fast and Feast diet that I mentioned in my last post about health and have also been counting calories every day for the first time ever. Turns out that actually in my normal diet I don't actually consume that many calories and so on 'good' days I eat within the 2000 a day recommended calorie count for females. So I will go as planned with the fast and feast diet as I need to loose some weight. I am not going to be as strict as some plans say to be and I am not only going to eat once on the fast day. I will have a piece of fruit for breakfast, a 500 calorie meal for lunch and another piece of fruit and some raw vegetables at dinner time. This will still mean my calorie intake on a fast day is less than a 1000. On a feast day I will not feast I will just eat normally with an allowance for a couple of biscuits or small slice of cake. This should mean I take in 2000 cal

Guide Dogs for the Blind Fundraiser

My dogs are raising money! Please help them by donating £2.  Walking the Dog Day is 22 Feb 2017 in aid of Guide Dogs for the Blind.   Cheers all who donate :) xxx AGUA & BUSTA'S JUST GIVING PAGE

New Year, New Me? Bollocks I was fab last year and will be fab this year!

Good evening blog readers and I hope you have all enjoyed the Yule time and I wish you all a very Happy and Healthy 2017 :) So despite aiming for a detox starting January 1st yet again I seem to be telling you that I haven't succeeded. I am back here at work and there are still biscuits, cake and chocolate lying around to try and tempt me! I have done moderately ok since new year though. I have stuck to about 2000 calories a day so hopefully I wont be gaining weight just not loosing it! And I have dramatically cut back on the chocolate, biscuits and cake! I have set my self the goal of exercising 5 days out of every 7, power walking or aerobics depending on the weather and circumstances. It's a bit early to say how well (or not) I'm doing on this one but I am determined to stick with it this time. I even decided not to go shopping in my break today and instead did a mile and a half power walk! What I have been researching these last few days is different types of fast

Samsimillia Great Big Giveaway!

There is now a sale on most of my crafts on Ebay. All cards from 99p and all jewellery from £1.99 please take a look HERE . To be in with a chance of winning a whole load of Samsimillia goodies go to the Samsimillia Facebook page and 'like' and 'share' the *** IT'S COMPETITION TIME *** post from 30th December. Good luck! Thanks for looking :) xxx

Stonehenge Winter Solstice

Write up and photos now up on my website from the Winter Solstice celebrations at Stonehenge. Check it out HERE . Thanks for looking :) xxx