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Van conversion pretty much finished :)

So now that we have the window in there is not really much else to do on the inside of the van. The main work now is treating the rust patches that at the moment are small but experience tells us will grow! We cut down the partition from the seating area to the cooker to let more light into the kitchen area from the window and just to open the space up a bit as it felt a bit claustrophobic. We also put up a couple more shelves.  Thanks for looking :) xxx

Summer Poppies

Found these lovely poppies on the edge of a farmers field along the Ridgeway near Avebury. Don't seem to see as many poppies these days due to pesticides I guess but there are often some around this area. Also a lovely clump of buttercups nearer Avebury. Thanks for looking :) xxx

Summer Solstice up the Ridgeway

We spent a lovely few days parked up on the Ridgeway near Avebury to see in the longest day. There wasn't quite as many people as last year. I think the weather put some people off although the rain didn't arrive until the Monday. It was pretty windy up on the Ridgeway but was scorching hot in the village around the stones on the Saturday in the day. Also there had been some posts on Facebook about people getting evicted there which seemed like an attempt to keep people away. As it was the police kept a low profile on the Ridgeway and when they did pass by they were friendly and National Trust didn't seem to bother until the Sunday when they put leaflets on everyones vehicles. Avebury was littered with lots of litter after the sunrise (why? who does this?) putting a dampener on a lovely occasion. The Ridgeway on the other hand seemed pretty tidy except for the odd bit probably blown away by accident and a bin liner of rubbish I saw someone leave as they left :( I'm not