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*** winter solstice greetings ***

hello dear diary for the last entry of 2006! i hope all readers of this blog (that'll be phil and clint then LOL) have a magical solstice and yuletime and bright blessings for 2007 :-) last night we ended the year with a trip to club ifor bach in cardiff for a powersteppers gig. it was lovely to meet colin (cod) powerstepper (ex zion train) at long last and what a lovely bloke he is! sometimes powersteppers gigs involve a band, sometimes they involve his life partner molara (ex zion train singer) but tonight was just colin spinning top tunes, playing his melodica and doing some vocals. it was a great set but the club was pretty empty so the vibe of a enthusiactic crowd was missing, still a top night though! finished it off with a tour around cardiff which was lovely and a slow drive home in the fog which was horrible! i am off visiting people all day tomorrow and then off to spain on sunday morning to stay at my mums for yuletime. will write again when i'm home :-) love


massive love and hugs to my beautiful friend kate who gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl yesterday. welcome lola!

finding my zion

have had a great weekend working on the merchandise stall for zion train at their two gigs this weekend in bristol and exeter. friday saw us at the trinity centre in bristol. i arrived early and watched the light and sound engineers get themselves ready for the evening. had a good chat with one of the stewards that volunteer to help with crowd control during the evening. zion train arrived back from the hotel, was so lovely to see them all again. i got set up with all the merchandise and phil arrived, was a great evening chatting to all the lovely people who came up to look or buy the music on offer. bumped into an old friend from gloucester who i haven't seen in years which was really nice. zion train did (in my opinion) the best set i've seen all year helped massively by the fact that dubdadda was back on vocals. takes me back to those early zion train gigs where he was there with molara. i have enjoyed seeing kenny knotts with zion train but to me having dubdadda doing voc

the feds really do hate me....

ok they say things come in threes and i have now had my third run in with the feds. can you guys freakin leave me alone now and get on with actually catching real criminals? today i nip in the post office on the way home from work to post some parcels for work. i'd been trying to post the damn things for a couple of days and either every post office i'd been to had queues out the doors and round the corner or there was so many cars parked nearby i would have had to park too far away (bear in mind i had 6 decent sized parcels to carry in). so anyway today i stop on the double yellow lines outside my local PO where everyone stops all the time, intending to just nip in. there is a pretty big queue but at least it isn't out the door and so i decide to wait thinking it wont be too long. i can't see my car from inside the PO but i can see 2 feds chatting to someone parked in a car by the pub opposite. i think 'hum should i move the car, no i won't be long and anyway t

welsh drumming and cold vibronics

so on saturday night we ventured accross the border into wales land! first we went to phils place and then to a drum circle meet nearby. lots of different drumming circle groups were there and they all played for a while. we had really only come for the grand finale where all the groups drummed together so we missed the beginning. at the end there was about 45 drummers in a big circle drumming to the same beat, it was pretty damn awesome! after the drumming we made our way to the monkey cafe in swansea for some full on dub vibrations from the vibronics crew. we had to queue in the freezing cold for what seemed like ages to get in which was really crap as i haven't queued to get in anywhere since a valve sound system night in swindon 5 or 6 years ago. it was 1am by this point though which is far later than we normally get to venues. eventually we got in and although vibronics had already started their set we soon got in the vibe and boogied away what was left of the night. vibron

the feds hate me............. (again!)

we went to see iration steppas last night at the buttermarket in shrewsbury. we being me, jan, phil and tony. on the way there a CD decided to get stuck in the player of my car stereo. after many attempts by me and jan to get it unstuck i thought the only way to solve it was to turn the engine off and back on again. pulled off the M6 at the next junction and stopped on the slip road. who pulls off after me? you've got it PC plod! actually he was ok, well he asked if we were alright first but then asked us to get off the slip road. and guess what.... i pulle d off and still the bloody CD was stuck.... argh! after an unpleasant half hour of local and national radio stations i eventually managed to prize the CD out and we were bac k to the normal chilled vibes that generally run through the car (although not for that long). got to the buttermarket without any more mishaps and waited for iration steppas, and waited, and waited. turns out their clutch had gone on their van and they didn