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photos i took yesterday :)

here are the pile of pallets at work... here are the pile of boxes at work... here is some graffiti in stroud by local artist infinite... here is a dandelion clock (i love these!)... here is some various forms of fungi... thanks for looking :)


dreadzone played at the gloucester guildhall recently. my review will be up at uk reggae guide soon but for now here's the pictures...

home tattooing

my best mate visited this weekend and she wanted me to tattoo her :) i am not really that good but she insisted so after a practice session on an orange we got to work... all is going well :)... simon took this great picture of the session :)... the finished tattoo... it took me just over an hour... a decent tattooist would have done it in 10mins lol... later simon tattooed me :)... the finished tattoo... for some reason my blog keeps putting the pic in the wrong way round :( grrr but you get the idea... and remember kids... don't try this at home lol thanks for looking :)

chedder gorge from above

i havent been on the top of the gorge since i took lee up jacobs ladder when he was about 9, (he's now 18). we drove up through the gorge and parked near the top. there is a footpath that leads up to the very top. it is really scary looking down to the road below! we encountered massive flocks of birds, a kestrel and some goats :) thanks for looking :)

glastonbury tor

after we saw zion train we went and stayed up by glastonbury tor for the night. we met a nice bloke in a van who needed a burner so we put him in touch with someone. we both got polite notices left on our vans warning us that we were in a no parking zone! i dont know how long they let you get away with parking up there as we left by lunchtime the next day. this was the moon as we went to bed... the tor... angel graffiti on the way to the tor... the sheep made a sheep cicle for us :)... the tor... looking out on the countryside from the tor... the tor... cool graffiti near the tor... thanks for looking :)

zion train in glastonbury

we went to glastonbury to see zion train on friday, they were brilliant as ever and it was nice to catch up with them before they headed off for the second gig of the night in london. thanks for looking :)