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the van and garden :)

we've been doing some more work on the van, here's the cool woodburner we bought in glastonbury, it's made from an old gas bottle :)... we did some artwork inside the van :)... we've also been doing some stuff in the garden...

gloucester 2 glastonbury on2 portland bill n bak :)

at the weekend we went to glastonbury to pick up the woodburner for the van, after we had done that we went on a little adventure :) first we went to glastonbury tor... we passed the glastonbury festival site and saw the blot on the landscape super fence... then we stopped for the night... cows were outside the van when we woke up... then we went to chesil beach at west bexington... then we drove down to portland bill, the views on the way were amazing... we chilled out at portland bill for a while... and then went back up the coast to park for the night...


have been doing a bit of trudging round in the undergrowth looking for widelife lol... the rapeseed picture was taken by simon, the rest i took at frensham ponds and wellington country park :)

rat and survival rally

at the weekend we went to the rat and survival bike rally in nottingham. it was quite a small gathering (maybe 300 people) there was a couple of bands on and a few stalls. everyone is there for the bikes and maybe the beer though and the weekend was full of bike talk. rat bikers aren't into chrome or polishing and cleaning their bikes, they aren't fair weather bikers. the idea is to maintain a bike that you can ride every day with minimal effort and cost. of course some of the bikes probably have had quite a lot of money spent on them over time especially if you have to pay someone to do the work but the end result is pretty damn mean :) it was a good weekend, the first proper trip out in the campervan with everything fitted (si did ride his bike tho lol) the weather wasn't too good but everyone was pretty friendly and it was nice to do something different. the bands weren't really my sort of thing but you can't have everything :) some pics below... si chills in da