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Showing posts from January, 2009

new tattoo :D

i had my new tattoo started on thursday at alzone in gloucester... it was 3 hours of pain and at least another 3 to go but it will be well worth it :)


a very orange jaffa :)...

bird skull in black & white...

more animal pictures :)

me :)

birds in the sky

i did a bit of photoshopping on this one ;-)

moon :)

bird skull

here is a couple of pictures i took the other night...

and here is a bird skull i found, i love the reflection it made...



photo blog

gonna try n add more pics now i have my new camera :) maybe some kind of photo blog... anyway here's a photo i took today...

NYE party mess :D...

new cameraness :)))

woo hoo i have a new camera :) i've uploaded some pics here and more on my site :)CLICKYNESS