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spring equinox at stonehenge

We went to Stonehenge for the spring equinox sunrise. There was no sun to be seen due to cloud cover but at least the rain held off :) There was a few hundred people there and a few vans and trucks parked up at the drove. There are proposals for a new visitors centre further away from Stonehenge and closing the nearby road. They will then restore the countryside to a more natural environment. All this is great news except the fact that they also plan to close a by-way nearby known as the drove. Many people park their vehicles there when visiting the stones particularly at the spring and autumn equinoxes and at winter solstice. On these 3 occasions the stones are open at sunrise for free but there is no parking in the car park on those nights/days. Many people fear they could be left with no where to park and more importantly somewhere to get some rest before driving home. People do stay up all night and drink alcohol on these celebration sunrises and it's important they can freely

cats n vans

I caught Jaffa with his claws out... Simon put a new carpet in the van and put a new shelf up :) Thanks for looking :) xoxox

light grafitti & tattoos

I tried out some more light grafitti the other day using a red, yellow & green light I had. Some came out quite cool looking :)... Simon tattooed a Banksy rat on my leg below the dub I already have. It's all going to be part of a bigger tattoo :)... Thanks for looking :) xoxox

swings and roundabouts

All this moving away lark brings with it a whole load of stuff to sort out so yet again I haven't blogged as much as I wanted to. There is so much to get in order before we leave, it seems so far away but yet I know it will come around before I know it and I really don't want too much last minute panicking due to jobs left not done. We had a letting agent round today to value our house and let us know what we need to do before renting it out. It looks like I will be able to rent it out for enough to cover the mortgage, their fees & a little bit left to put by for unexpected repairs. I will not be making any money to live on from it which I didn't expect anyway. With only about 10 years left to pay it might be an option for us to try and keep the house until the mortgage is paid as then we could get a monthly income from it. We are not sure how easy it will be for us to get an income once we settle again. If we don't sell the house we might not have the money to do

free music downloads :)

So I got this free fancy MP3 converter thing and so have been ripping my last few remaining tapes. I gave away most of my tapes once I had a CD copier & discovered file sharing but had to hold onto the rare ones. All the following recordings are not available for sale and are really old so I think it's OK to share :) Zion Train Live in USA or Canada 1994/95? P.A.I.N. Live Inna M6 Style 1995  Rhythm-ites Live in Reading 1987 Rhythm-ites Demo 1986

beautiful nature in the forest of dean

We went for a lovely walk in the Forest of Dean yesterday. It was nice to get out and forget about ebay, rental agents, currency, jobs and the cat! The forest was looking beautiful, with the first signs of spring all around. It was like the forest was waking from a long sleep.  We found a lake that was frozen in places but Busta still decided he wanted to swim :) I was really pleased how this shot came out. I wasn't even thinking about the water droplets coming off him but they showed up great in the bright sunshine. I'm looking forward to the next time he goes swimming, I'll actually set my camera to the optimum settings to capture this sort of shot!  When we got back to the car park some cheeky sheep were eating all the food people leave for the birds. Some evn climbed up onto a massive tree trunk to get a meal :) When the sheep ate all they could find the birds came back in full force. There was a variety of birds visiting to find food. First a blackbird came to

steppin outa babylon

Hello friends & readers of my blog :) Firstly many thanks for reading over the past 4 years... yes it really is that long :) We have decided to leave the UK and go traveling in our van around Europe for a few months. We hope to do some volunteer work on the way at eco-builds and organic farms in exchange for food and lodgings as well as take a break from the endless grind of working every day. We have family in Spain and Bulgaria and friends in France, Italy and Croatia so we hope to see them and some of the amazing countryside, beaches, mountains and wildlife Europe has to offer. We plan to settle in Bulgaria after our travels and buy a house or land and either build an eco-house from scratch or convert an existing building into a eco friendly home. First though we have to tie up our lives here in the UK. I finish my job at the end of June and we plan to leave the UK at the end of August or beginning of September. We have a house to rent out or sell, a cat to try and find

busta's new coat

busta was getting cold and we couldn't find a proper dog coat that would fit him and that was suitable so we used my friends daughters old one lol he seemed happy enough in it even though it was thomas the tank engine hehehe


Just got this email update... please pass it on :) Dear supporters These updates are few and far between but we are still campaigning. The 200 mile pipeline is laid but the PRI (pressure reduction installation) at the end of the pipeline in Tirley, Gloucestershire is still not built. National Grid have twice been refused planning permission and now to appeal against the last decision. See the local news article HERE The pipeline is laid and the terminals in Milford Haven are now operational, nothing is going to stop National Grid using more of the earths resources after spending billions on this project. One of the main concerns all along has been safety. This is where we can really make a difference by opposing the PRI ever being built. If there is no PRI then the gas will have to be pumped through the pipeline at a lower pressure which will make it safer for the thousands of people living nearby. It is vital people raise their concerns about the safety of the pipe. Only a few