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Winter Solstice Celebrations

To ease the chills of winter we set off to see our travelling family over the Solstice. A few days before we went to the Ridgeway near Avebury to find no-one there! Quite unusual as there was always a van or two whenever we'd pulled on years ago. But times have changed as we were to discover when we arrived at Stonehenge but first we had a trip to Hungerford to see our old friends RDF, The Sporadics and DJ Dapper Dan as well as a couple more bands although actually we didn't see anyone else play! Friends old and new were there and it was a lovely way to spend Solstice eve. I had a few too many and forgot to get my camera out until the last minute. Getting a camera from a very cold van and bringing into a hot sweaty venue means steamed up lenses so no photos I'm afraid :( The next day we headed to the Drove at Stonehenge. We hadn't been to Stonehenge since the new visitors centre had been built and it was odd coming down the A303 and seeing the old road grassed over. One

November to December

Autumn turned to winter so quickly it seemed. After 4 years away in Spain and Portugal it was lovely to see a proper Autumn with so many of the beautiful colours in the trees. It was quite damp at times though which wasn't so good but all too soon it was proper winter weather and I was shocked at just how cold it was on some days. I had thought it was cold in Portugal last winter but that was nothing compared to a UK winter and we still have January and February to go yet brrrr!  Autumn leaves at Haresfield beacon, Stroud:   Roots and beech nuts at Haresfield beacon, Stroud: Malvern Hills: Trees on the Malvern hills: Autumn leaves in Malvern:  Misty morning at Haresfield beacon, Stroud: Raglan castle: Thanks for looking :) xxx