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No more exams YAY!!!

Lee has finished all his GCSEs and has just done his grade 5 drumming exam. I have done my two psychology exams. Thank god that's over!

Matrix of evil.

"There is a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can't take part; you can't even passively take part, and you've got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you've got to make it stop. And you've got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it, that unless you're free, the machine will be prevented from working at all!"

Bloody hippies!

Bloody hippies invaded my house yesterday for the afternoon and evening. A great time was had by all though... bless!

Save Gloucester Mail centre march & rally.

There was a march and rally to save Gloucester Mail centre yesterday. We marched through the town and onto the docks where we stood in the pouring rain whilst others under cover spoke for a while. See HERE for information on why they want to route all our mail via Swindon and to sign the petition.

Summer Solstice at the Stones

I went to the gathering of the tribes at Stonehenge for the Solstice sunrise on the 21st June with a new friend. There was an electric atmosphere on arrival to the carpark despite the Babylon control we had been under for the past 5 miles. There were road cones blocking off grass verges, lay-bys and roads within a few miles of the stones. There was a heavy police presence which increased as we turned off the A303 for henge. After getting into the parking field we are then parked by a steward (as if we can't do it ourselves?) We met up with my good friend Dawn and headed to the sacred circle. There was thousands of people there, unfortunately not all of them know anything about Stonehenge and why people have a celebration there on the Solstice. It always amazes me though that so many people can take a day out mid-week to really celebrate. I love the fact all sorts of people go to Stonehenge, I don't believe it should be kept only for the Pagans or the Hippies or any select group


Eviction occurred Tuesday morning at ten o'clock. It happened suddenly, the roads went quite then police car, after police car after bailiff van after bailiff van came storming down the road. The site was incredible. Bailiffs were ordering people away before they had even parked their vans. They blocked the A40 for the morning, which caused a lot inconvenience and cancellations for the locals. Protesters, local support, press and any other spectators were kept in a pen, too far away to offer any support. National Grid started work on the fields next to the land before the first arrest, by the end of the day the land was indescribable. Getting ready to evict. Throughout the day the protesters remained upbeat singing and laughing although their home was being destroyed. It was a very emotional site. There were six arrests on Tuesday, all were released later that evening, three with cautions, two on bail and one with nothing. The two on bail went to court on Wednesday and were rele

Exam EEK!!

OMG!! Today I did my first psychology exam. I thought I was going to be really crap as I haven't done much revising but it actually went quite well. I now have a week to wait before the next one. There always seems to be more important things to do than revise.... funny that!

Great weekend!

Have had a really wicked time this weekend. Life has been full-on recently, and I thought it was full-on anyway before the last week or so and thought that there was no way it could get any more intense. Well it really has! In the week I spent a few hours in casualty with a bleeding friend and worked my ass off at work whilst trying to revise psychology and keep up with pipeline stuff. Some of the full-time protesters from the Brecon tree camp stayed this weekend which was great. I met some really good people at the benefit gig on Friday, some of whom I hope to have more contact with in future campaigns. We went up to Tirley where the pressure reduction plant is to be built yesterday as the protesters had never been to the area. All in all a blooming great time, roll on Wednesday when I'll be off to Stonehenge with a new friend! xoxox

Fight the Pipe benefit gig

YAY!! The benefit gig went really well!! Everyone had a great time, we raised loads of cash (£165) and the bands were brilliant even though one pulled out at the last minute. We partied well into the next day and it was well worth all the stress in the end! Much love and nuff respect to DUB THE EARTH and THE SMERKIN MERKINS for giving their time for this event. DJ Ropert... The Smerkin Merkins... Dub The Earth...


Went to Cargo in London last night to see the mighty DREADZONE play a very special gig. Only the second time they have played as a full band since the untimely death of guitarist Steve Roberts in October last year. This was billed as a tribute gig to Steve whose guitar took pride of place on stage all night. After picking up Jan in Gloucester and then Ian and Sally in Swindon we made our way to the big smoke. Long journeys are always better with good company and we had a laugh as we sat in the London traffic itching to get to the gig. We arrived fairly late and unfortunately missed the support band but Greg Roberts from Dreadzone was DJing with MC Spee by his side pulling funny faces! We met up with some old friends and some new ones from the Dreadzone forum. The band played a blinding set, by far one of the best I've ever seen and we danced our socks off! There was even a special appearance from ex-member Tim Bran. It ended as always far too soon but at least we managed t

Last weekend at Brecon camp :-(

After packing up our information stall in Gloucester city centre I made what was to be my final visit to the Brecon protest camp. We are now all trespassers on land in possession of National Grid. Last minute defences were being made and notices were tied to trees to warn the bailiffs of birds nests and ropes that shouldn't be cut. The weather was beautiful and the birds sang to us as we sat around the campfire. It was very hard to say goodbye to this beautiful, magical woodland. We take with us some very happy memories, friends that have been made for ever and peace of mind that at least we have tried to make a difference here. Banner over entrance to camp. Chilling out in the sun at camp. Cops in the copse? Brecon tree camp. Notice to the bailiffs. Bicycle in the trees! Notice to the bailiffs. Brecon tree camp. This was up at the camp for many months. This is how close National Grid are to the tree camp now.